Travel tips Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

If your next business trip is near Kuala Lumpur and you are expecting some time to spend some tourism, food / social and shopping work done? Here’s less down to maximize your business trip to Kuala Lumpur to make you so fun and interesting. Where to stay, more than Kuala Lumpur business travelers will be able to stay in a service apartment in the KLCC area. If have the best way to tour in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with all the details and information by visiting here.
However, make sure that most of your meetings or tasks will be done in most work because Kuala Lumpur spreads substantial traffic, may cause traffic to worsen (especially after this year) and now all the sub-cities of many companies It is located in a difficult city train or public transportation system.

Symbol of Kuala Lumpur

See what Petronas Tours have become a symbol of Kuala Lumpur and can easily squeeze between the field meetings. However, if you want to go to the bridge between the two towers, keep that super crowd if you can save tickets for a time later in the day. If you have more extra time on your business visit, visit the Islamic Art Museum near historic Mendica Square (where any of the other interesting museums) is worth it and KL Bird Park in the city’s lakes There are also in this area.

Food/night flights Kuala Lumpur

It is a dining dream because you will find many restaurants in Chinese, Indian, Malay, Middle East or almost any meal. In the heart of the Golden Triangle, Changkat Butt is popular with both the restaurant and pub with Bangkok roadside areas that are popular with similar local and local residents as well as open-ups such as top-height goods such as pilein, surname KLCC and super piggy Star Helena Galleries has taken part in restaurants.


Damansara area at night

Where many displaced and many local residents are also full of restaurants, nights and some MNC offices, but you will need to take a taxi to reach there, while Hip-Bangkok area public transport is a little more accessible. Central Kuala Lumpur. Finally, at the hotel’s traders’ business hotel, for the high point of view of the sky skyline, Sky Birer LP wine is a great place to finish a long business day, while Manara Kuala Lumpur (SE Asia) The oldest telecommunication tower). An annoying restaurant is with spectacular views on the sunrise apart from the observation deck.


Shopping and Memorable Surya KLCC, Pavilion, Star Galleries, Lot 10, Sanji Wang / BB Plaza (mostly kiosk and small stores), Lowest Plaza (Malaysian’s largest IT lifestyle mall) and Bridge Times Square There are no shortage of mills in central Kuala Lumpur. One of the largest buildings in the world with indoor rollercoaster) is all within each other’s walking distance. If you want to distribute gifts to family members or colleagues, the world’s largest pistol, Royal Sealing, is a showroom in the Pavilion Mall, but is expected to pay a heavy price for the smallest thing.

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