There is no argument that working as a programmer can provide a very comfortable lifestyle. While that may be enough to initially attract you, after spending several years in the job, you may find yourself facing burnout or looking for a new challenge. When this happens, the same incentive that drew you to programming in the first place, the monetary reward, can keep you there. You don’t have to feel stuck. Many career paths allow you to use your experience coding to earn a great living. These are in-demand skills, and you can find something more satisfying if you know where to look.
Before transitioning into a new career, take the time to get your finances in order. There are plenty of paths you can choose that provide solid compensation, but when you first make the switch, you may face a pay cut at first. As long as your financial situation is in order, there is no reason you can’t make up for the lost ground later. One step to consider is refinancing your student loans. Refinancing these loans with a private lender allows you to lower your monthly payments, freeing up extra money for other expenses. The process is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes. Taking the time to ensure your finances are in order enables you to start your new career with open arms.

Technical Writer

If you enjoy the complexity of coding and have a knack for straightforwardly expressing complicated ideas, technical writing may be a good choice. Technical writers do everything from creating diagrams explaining how something works to authoring instruction manuals and how-to guides. Your work may be directed to business users or consumers, depending on the product. The main quality companies look for in a technical writer is the ability to communicate complex ideas.

Product Manager

Working as a product manager allows you to have a big picture look at the products you previously worked on. Managers must be able to assess the needs of their customers and work on building a product that meets those needs. You will work alongside programmers as well as UX designers, who will help ensure the product is easy and intuitive to use, and business specialists who have a strong base of knowledge in what your customer needs in a product.


Software Architect

If you aren’t ready to exit the coding field entirely, consider becoming a software architect. You need years of solid experience in programming before taking on this role. You will be responsible for making design decisions and working as an intermediary between clients and programmers.

Marketing and Sales

For those who are truly burned out on programming, a switch into the marketing or sales aspect of tech can be a lucrative choice. While these roles are often filled with individuals from a marketing or sales background, having someone with deep technical knowledge on the team is valuable. When making the initial switch, it is often easier to transition within the company where you work. This allows you to use your existing product knowledge while getting up to speed on the marketing or sales aspects of the position. Once you gain some experience, you should have no trouble finding a job with a different company if that is what you want.

Data Science

Working as a data scientist often requires an advanced degree, but if you have several years of programming experience as well as institutional knowledge in a particular field, such as healthcare or insurance, transitioning in is very realistic. The programming used in data science can range from light SQL and python to deep experience with machine learning concepts. Reviewing job descriptions for positions you find interesting allows you to get a better idea of the skills required.


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