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The Tech niche in Ghana is an emerging one. Nevertheless, some blogs have been able to stand out by giving their viewers something to “take-home” any time they read.

Aside from the fact that all these top ten tech blogs have very amazing layouts, they all have distinct qualities which make them unique., after giving you our List of Top Ten Entertainment Blogs in Ghana, presents to you the List of Top Ten Tech Blogs in Ghana according to these criteria:

  1. Responsive design and general outlook of the website
  2. Content ( writing style and originality)
  3. User engagement on website and social media
  4. Traffic  (audience)

We are confident about our guide and we believe you will not be disappointed when you visit any of the blogs listed.

Here goes the list of top ten tech blogs in Ghana.

jbklutse-website is a Tech and Social information website that focuses on delivering up-to-date content on trending tech and social issues everywhere. The blog runs product and service reviews and features for both individuals and organisations.

The blog was started in May 2015 as an exclusive tech blog but over time has morphed into a tech-social brand although maintaining its core tech focus.

It is currently the fasting growing Tech blog in Ghana and attracts more visits than any of the tech blogs listed.

As a media venture, also develops and manages social media campaigns for brands.

The blog engages readers on various platforms, using social media. The Facebook page has over 19,000 likes and counting on their main official page and have other supporting pages that are also doing well in the number of page likes.


Another sophisticated blog we have here … Such a wonderfully laid out page with lots of interviews, news and information on various startups. This is among the first tech blogs in Ghana

This is among the first tech blogs in Ghana and still hold a solid position in this niche.

An award-winning Ghanaian Blogger & Social Media Entrepreneur; Mac-Jordan helps brands, tech start-ups, innovation hubs, co-working spaces and social enterprises build their community and mentor them. He has over 12.2k followers on Twitter and 3,750 likes on Facebook.

Ethel Cofie is the CEO and founder of Edel Technology Consulting and founder of Women In Tech Africa. She has been featured by the BBC and CNN for her work in technology and promoting women’s leadership.

Her blog contains most of the activities she partakes in regarding the tech industry. She also writes extensively on her blog about the tech industry.

The blog contains lots of experiences that tech start-ups can learn from and it is easy to navigate too.

She doesn’t have a large following on social media but she scores maximum points in other areas.


This blog also comes with amazing local content. Its simple design makes navigation very easy.

Gharage is a DevCongress initiative created to present Ghanaian tech news and startups to the world.

However, I am not impressed with their social media engagement (95 likes on Facebook).


GustavTK has a simple but beautiful page design. It has some amazing tips for bloggers and people who are within the tech industry.

This tech blog publishes the latest profound tech tips, blogging tips, and the trending gadgets in town although its updates are not frequent they are very relevant. The blog has almost 6,000 likes on facebook.


TechToday comes with a classy and sophisticated touch to its webpage. Pictures are beautifully arranged on the homepage and the content is carefully selected.

The site is dedicated to compulsive profiling of startups, reviewing the latest Internet products, and breaking tech news. Among the blogs sites here, TechToday is the only blog that is not self-hosted, this blog is being managed on


One of the coolest tech blogs around with a nice colour scheme and design. TechAfrikico provides relevant and resourceful technology-based information to help its readers get the most out of their consumer electronics and also help them with decision-making regarding their purchase.

They are approaching 1000 followers on twitter and they have a little above 8000 likes on Facebook.


I love this blog because of its exclusive local content. There is a lot of Ghanaian content to watch out for. They are dedicated to serving viewers with news and views about technology and social media.

They’ve formed partnerships with some key players in the technology and social media industry in Ghana and this gives them some leverage when it comes to their reportage.

Cranchon however, has very few social media following. They cannot boast of a  1000 followers on Facebook and Twitter.


I love biztech‘s style. The blog takes news items from around Africa relating to “techbusiness”.  It discusses the business aspect of technology in an interesting and unique way.

They provide a comprehensive overview of the ICT business in Africa, with up-to-date news, views and interaction for ICT players across the continent. supplies Africa’s CEOs, CIOs, IT managers, vendors and other ICT professionals with all the news they need to know in a way that is relevant to them, while also showcasing African business and ICT achievement to the rest of the world, with a view to attracting investment and business for African players.

They have a little over 1000 likes on facebook. 

Techbaron is a dedicated tech blog that has a lot of interesting tech news you will like to read.

It is a technology-themed blog focused on offering useful information for a digital lifestyle. It may not have a very exciting look but the content is relevant.

Your thoughts on our ranking are welcome. Did you find this interesting? We are would like to have you contribute to our 2017 ranking later in the year.

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