Top reasons why you would want to own a local eSports business


It may come as a surprise to many but there are certainly top reasons why you would want to own a local eSports business. eSports is a less recognized sport in most countries especially countries on the African continent. But countries like China and the U.S.A have made a huge statement to show that the sport is worth giving particular attention to.

According to, China is considering making eSports a recognized profession like other notable professions such as lawyer, doctor and so forth. They are certainly not the only country to make such a bold step. The U.S.A also according to Forbes. Com made the sport a recognized one in 2013.

The question that needs to be answered then is why have these countries gone to the extent of making the sport a recognized sport? The most obvious and basic answer would be that there are top reasons underlying their decision to make the sports a recognized profession. There is, thus, the need to look at some of the top reasons that influenced their decision and why one would want to own a local eSports business.

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3 reasons why you would want to own an eSports business

An already existing market

There are several persons who enjoy playing video games just for the fun of it. But these same people could serve as your market in establishing a local eSports business just by turning their fun into a competition.

The likes of China and the U.S.A are successful in the eSports business because they identified the interest of gamers and took advantage of it. A report by in 2013 showed that about 1.2 billion people were involved in gaming. That figure has, undoubtedly, risen and that backs the claim that there is an already existing market to help in establishing an eSports business.

The fact cannot be denied that getting paid for what you like to do is a dream come true for everyone. So imagine a passionate gamer asked to register with $100 to compete in a competition with a cash prize of $1,000. You just don’t need to look any further in terms of securing a market for your eSports business. You only need the passionate gamers around you who are willing and ready to turn their fun into money-making.

Easier to organize

Big eSports competitions are organized in an arena which accommodates over thousands of people but you certainly don’t need an arena from the start. In beginning your local eSports business, you can secure a venue which might have a capacity of about 200 seats. The most important about the venue is that it should be able to accommodate participants and audience. There should also be electricity to power the laptops and projectors for use.

Apart from securing a venue, there are other equipment that needs to be purchased. Fortunately, these items do not take huge sums of money to purchase as compared equipment of other traditional sports. The equipment would include; gaming controllers, laptops, sound systems and projector screens.

Huge economic benefits

In owning an eSports business one could be helping gamers turn their fun into money making but they will certainly not be leaving themselves out.  The economic figures for eSports are quite staggering and that is what makes it a top reason to own an eSports business.

According to, the eSports business had an increase in revenue from $493 million in 2016 to $655 million in 2017. Below is a breakdown of eSports’ revenue in 2016.

Top reasons why you would want to own a local eSports business 1

eSports is gradually becoming a career choice for passionate gamers and a viable business option for many others. With just a little effort you could well be on your way to becoming your own eSports business and reap the amazing benefits it comes with.

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