When it comes to online shopping in Ghana, most people are scared to buy or sell items. The main reason for this is because of fear of people duping them, their lack of trust in the eCommerce world, or their lack of knowledge of how the system works.
Today, I am listing the most important online shops in Ghana where you can buy anything you want ranging from clothing, computers and accessories, phones and tablets, books, name it.

 5 online shopping sites in Ghana

JBKlutse Shop

Unlike the others on the list, JBKlutse Shop is an extension of jbklutse.com to provide its readers/audience with premium but affordable deals on ICT gadgets that they won’t find anywhere in Ghana. The shop was started due to the many requests we had from our readers on the high-price of items from shops we recommended. For this reason, we now have our own shop to provide our cherished readers with the best of the best! Visit the shop (shop.jbklutse.com) or call the shop on 0272839333 for all your ICT gadget needs.

1. Jumia Ghana

Jumia Ghana is a very broad website with a lot of goodies for online shoppers. It has branches in other African Countries including Nigeria, Morrocco, Kenya, Cote D’Ivoire and Cameroon.Jumia has a variety of store sites including Jumia Market, Food, Travel, and Jumia House.

2. Zoobashop

Zoobashop has a broad category of products from Phones, home appliances, food, drinks & groceries, fashion and beauty products, baby, kids & toys and lots more.

3. Cheki Ghana

Cheki is a car website in Ghana where you can buy or sell a car in Ghana.

4. Melcom

Melcom Online is a new online shop in Ghana. We all know Melcom, and what they sell. Now, they have decided to get online. You can get all you need to buy from Melcom straight from their online shop, right from your home.

5. SuperPrice

SuperPrice is Ghana’s exceptional online shopping experience. They are passionate about bringing you top quality products at the best prices in the market, all with fast delivery and excellent customer service. Their wide product range includes tech, electronics, home appliances, fashion and beauty. SuperPrice makes shopping super convenient, letting you choose from cash on delivery, mobile money, card payment or bank transfer as your payment options. At SuperPrice shopping has never felt easier than this.
The above is the list of best online shopping sites in Ghana. Please note that I have not arranged them in order of importance, each of them is a good place to buy items online and have it delivered to you.

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