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If you are planning some home improvements and you’re tired of surfing the internet for dual occupancy designs in Melbourne, don’t worry this article has got you sorted. While building a home, you must go through some ideas to create that perfect home which reflects your taste and style. Everyone wishes to add that wow-factor to their homes. One best way to do this is by incorporating some out of the box home design ideas.

In this article, you will find some of the design features which will not only create the aesthetic you want but it will also make you cherish the stay in your home. This article has amalgamated some of the most sought after designs of 2019. So if you are thinking of maximizing the layout of your house make sure that you go through each one of these ideas for cool interior design inspiration.

1. Incorporate health and fitness

A smart home is only something that is well equipped with the latest devices, you should make your home a place where you can maintain your health and fitness. Whether you want to install an outdoor pool or you want to set up a gym, make sure you utilize the outdoor area effectively with the help of an architect. Not only these areas will be beneficial for your fitness but it will also add to the appeal of the house.

2. Add texture to the interiors

When you work with any modern home builders, they will suggest that you go for textures wherever possible. This is one of the most celebrated trends of 2019. Even though minimalistic furniture and interior designs look good but 2019 is all about patterns, textures and experimenting with colours. Some warm texture with simple furniture will look aesthetic.

3. Painted Floor Tiles

Of all of the easiest top home trends that can be implemented is painted floor tiles. Not only are this type of upgrade is quite affordable but it looks nice as well. So if you’re someone who likes to step out of the comfort zone you can begin by ditching the traditional floor tiling plan and opt for painted floor tiles instead.

4. Bring nature indoors

If you want to give your house a spectacular look without putting too many efforts, your designer will suggest placing some indoor plants or paintings that depict a scene of nature. On the other hand, furniture materials that are obtained from nature can be given a priority. This touch of nature in the interior design will make space look more authentic and unique. You can use natural wood in your home interior design as it will look classy when accompanied by plain white walls. Other options include different stone materials, such as granite, marble, pebbles, and those materials that resemble and complement with natural elements, add an indoor fountain to your home.

5. Statement ceiling and floor

Statement ceilings and floors are one of the most celebrated interior design trends of 2019 whether you prefer bold colours or geometric patterns you can incorporate any design or colour patterns in your ceilings or floors. However, if you don’t want to add this eccentric interior design for your floor or ceiling, you can opt for a patterned floor and ceiling. This is yet another great way to make a statement without the need of going overboard with your interior design choices.

These were the top 5 ideas you can opt for while redecorating your home. You may talk to a company who can provide reliable services when it comes to Dual Occupancy in Melbourne


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