Keeping up to fashion trends can be a bit hectic. Going to shops, buying fashion magazines and attending fashion events just to keep yourself abreast of fashion trends is nearly impossible due to your busy schedule.
In view of this, has sampled the top 5 fashion apps that you can download onto your smartphone to keep you up to date with fashion trends with cool deals to save you the money, time and stress.

1.  ShopStyle Mobile

Bring together 300 retail stores and this app is what you get. Compare prices of clothes for men, women, kids, or even compare prices of furniture. It brings you the convenience of being able to shop by price, size, even color.
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View the latest and top runway shows from around the world. The big downside is that the videos won’t be “optimal” unless you are connected to wi-fi. The slideshow photos, however, are brilliant and well worth the download. You can even click through to see the review for each designer. Free.
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3. Trendstop Trendtracker

Find out the next trend before it’s even out there with help from predictions of people in the top of the fashion industry. A great place to see crazy “trends” like oversized fabric chains or see-through bombers, that will probably never make it into your local department store. Free.

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4. Target

Browse through Target products, find out what aisle products are on, or even scan barcodes for more product info while shopping in the store. If you want to buy anything with your iPhone, you’ll have to click through the website at Free.
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5. Stylecaster

This app not only tells you what the weather is outside but also what to wear for the weather too so you’ll never make another weather related fashion mistake again.
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Have you used any of these apps? how was the experience? We’ll surely like to know. So kindly drop a comment below.
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