Top farm tech innovations SPACE 2018

Apparently, technological innovations now permeate every aspect of our life. This is more so in view of the new farming inventions currently taking place all over the world, and which find exhibition opportunities during farmers’ shows or trade fairs.

Improvement of Animal Husbandry

One such event takes place annually in France. This is a time during which individuals, companies and farmers committed to improving farming get together. The show christened SPACE, a name befitting the innovative quality of the products and services on display, is an example of how technological inventions can be applied to improve animal husbandry.

The SPACE show in France is unique because of the selection of different farming themes. This year, the major theme was a repeat of what took place in 2017, namely: robotics and how different pieces of equipment can be applied to make the work of the farmers simple, easier and convenient. The main subject of this year’s show was pig breeding.

Monitoring Animal Welfare

As happens elsewhere in the world, the SPACE show is meant to demonstrate how new technology is dramatically gaining entry into farming. The new technologies are geared towards the monitoring and welfare of animals, looking into food safety and evaluating the effects of environmental pressure on the animals’ wellbeing. As well as, ensuring the work of farmers is made simple and convenient but highly productive.

The SPACE pig show draws people from across different geographical locations in the world. It also attracts a host of manufacturers from diverse industries who are keen on modernizing animal agriculture, such as Smithfield Farms. The nation’s largest pork producer.

Farmers Education

Apart from animal welfare improvement, the show also educates farmers on how to systematically evaluate how well the products work. Other issues tackled during the fair include the importance of maintaining data integrity and security, and how to establish links to decision support software and the methodologies required to get real value out of the technologies

The Winning Exhibits

Out of nearly 10 different products that were exhibited at the SPACE show this year, the following three different product categories were noteworthy.

Fournier:  a floor meant to make pigs comfortable was a new idea for making the floor of a pig pen relaxing and friendly. Having the same measurements as an ordinary concrete late floor with panels. The floor is made of stainless steel which contains anchoring material that can be substituted for a section with concrete slate wherever needed. Several of the trays can be fitted randomly in different locations if the pen is very spacious, but in a small pen, one tray would suffice.

The next product was the Weda which is a valve feeding with a see-through cover. Since in a feed system the valves are always problematic, the PV4 Feeding Valve Weda came up with would enable easy examination of the valve because of the cover which is transparent. The system shows a red LED light to indicate whether the valve is properly functioning.

The last item was Neotec-Vision which can correctly check and evaluate the stunning of the pigs before their slaughter. The system evaluates the reflex in the pig’s eye and applies the analysis of the image in real-time to warn its operator when blinking is detected.



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