Tech blogging in Ghana is an emerging space on its own.
Most people have still not come to terms with it but in coming years it promises to be really big. I believe it will catch up with Entertainment blogging real soon.
Our list of top 10 tech blogs in Ghana has shown that the tech blogosphere still has some more work to do in making it more fun for readers to relate with.
We realised that there were some interesting blogs that could have featured on our top list but due to the fact that they are new we have decided to make a compilation fo such blogs which we feel in 2017 will give most of the top tech blog some serious competition.
As major runners in the tech blogging niche, these are the top emerging tech blogs in Ghana people should look out for in 2017.
The selection of these tech blogs were based on the following criteria:

  1. Responsive design and general outlook of the website
  2. Content ( writing style and originality)
  3. User engagement on website and social media
  4. Traffic  (audience)

We are confident about our guide and we believe you will not be disappointed when you visit any of the blogs listed.

accraconnect blog
This blog connects you to business and services, latest events, happenings, People, Places in a fun and interactive way.
They have the “Techtainment” category which gives latest updates on tech events and tech-entertainment related issues.
Their approach to reporting tech and the easy navigation on their site is worth mentioning. They are very engaging on Social Media too with over 3000 likes on Facebook.

Techhabor blends tech and other non-tech content into a beautiful piece worthy reading. It is not your typical tech blog because of the mixed strategy. 
Their main focus is to deliver timely updates of Tech, Tech Business and Social news across the globe.
With over 1000 likes on Facebook, they are gathering momentum as far as social media engagement is concerned.


This is the only Blogspot powered blog in the list. I love the simple layout of the blog and the content it provides.
You will get access to the writer’s business experiences, tech tips and the latest news in the digital world. He has over 1000 followers on Twitter.
It shows a lot of promise in the coming years.

This blog is strictly dedicated to tech and has some amazing stuff you will want to see ranging from news items to app reviews and much more. The site also has specialised information on Android and iOS.
It is also the youngest blog among this list: 2 months old.
With just 2 months of operation, 843 likes on Facebook is not a bad start.

GeekieWorld provides you with informative and Latest Technology news update on African Technology, Computer Tips and Tricks, Computer Security, Windows News and Linux. 
They also provide news on system hacks, tips to enhance online and pc security and events. With about 543 likes on Facebook, there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to their engagement on Social Media.

Ghana Tech Blog

This is the last but not the least. This blog has a promising future.
Your thoughts on our ranking are welcome. Did you find this interesting? Let me know of any top emerging tech blog that has been left out.

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