Seated within the Mediterranean, Malta has gradually become one of the best business hotspot and tourist attraction over time. It is a home to rich historical sites, wonderful sandy beaches and great food. From manufacturing and processing industries to financial and social amenity service centres, Malta has become a good business spot for all that want to thrive in their business ventures. In this article, we will take you through cities within Malta that are promising for upcoming and startup businesses.

1. Valletta

Valletta is a city known for its rich history and culture, it is also the capital of Malta. Established by ST John in the 1500s, Valletta shares a great history of Catholic ventures in Europe. It is therefore filled with grand churches, museums, tourist site and palaces. These milestones have seen to it the blooming of hotels, restaurants and other social amenities, making it a perfect spot for businesses to thrive. It also experiences many incoming tourists that come during the high seasons with an urge to explore and enjoy their time exploring through the great beauty provide by this city.

2. Sliema

Located in the north part of Malta, Sliema, once known as a quiet fishing village, has grown to be a tourist resort. It is filled with many residents whom the majority are expatriates aimed to enjoy the good food and the seasons in Sliema. This has seen to it the opening of many tourists focused businesses like hotels, bars and cafes. With its battering nature, Sliema has grown to be a perfect location where businesses are destined to be successful.

3. ST Julian’s

Known as the busiest hot spot, St Julian falls to be the mother of all businesses. It is also known for its vibrant nightlife and its opulence in leisure and pleasure joints opportunity. In St Julian, your business is bound to be exposed to massive activities and vibrant life resulting from the dense population and a variety of other businesses. It also has various spots to choose from that never dries of customers.

4. Qormi

The south coast of Qormi is a blend of the new and old. Being one of the largest residential towns in Malta, Qormi serves as a perfect spot for hotels, restaurants, and other social services. Qormi is also known as the bakers’ bay known for its famous Maltese bread. The vastness of this city brings with it an opportunity for new creativity.

5. Mellieha

Mellieha is the second most northerly villages in Malta. Known for its beautiful panorama views and sandy beaches, Mellieha, is a good base to set businesses that are likely to thrive due to its favourable environment. It is a home to many resorts and modest hotels accompanied with great restaurants. In different high seasons, tourists flock at Mellieha to enjoy the great beauty brought by its sandy beaches and great climate. These sandy beaches are at walking and cycling distance with great spots to startup or set a business. Mellieha is definitely a great spot that will yield massive profits for businesses due to its naturally sets advantages.
Looking for the best location for your business is an adamant and an important factor to consider. With these great cities of Malta, your business is bound to thrive naturally with the right effort put.

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