Top 8 Smartphone Apps For Business People

Top 8 Smartphone Apps Business People

What is our main objective when using a phone app? Do we do it for convenience or pleasure, or do we do it for work? It usually depends on the way we use anything. For example, you may use a phone to download apps, games and watch videos all day, or you may use it to make long distance calls. A phone can serve many purposes in your life. Maybe your boss will call you at night on some urgent business matter and no matter how much you wanted to avoid receiving the call, you had to take it. Or you’re stuck in traffic and had to tell people to start the meeting without you. In these situations, what saved you was your phone. There are many situations when your phone with advanced applications and software can enhance the quality of your work. Are you aware of the wonders your phone is capable of doing?

Here’s a quick guide for increasing your phone productivity with the help of these applications. The purpose of this article is to find out what apps are best suited for business. Hopefully, this blog will help the reader understand the perks that may come from installing these applications on their phone.

1. Uber/Ryde

One of the most useful applications is Uber. What does it do? It is an application through which you can book a car/bike/SUV to take you to your destination. Let’s try to look closely at how beneficial this application is.

If your car breaks down when you have an urgent meeting at your office, would you wait for the mechanic to fix your car? Do you realize how many hours it would cost you before you get your situation under control?

Uber saves your back and doesn’t leave you waiting behind in these types of situations. You open the app on your phone, book a ride, and like that you’re already on your way to the office.

2. Word Office

Often times you’re in a situation when you don’t have a piece of paper to write important info on, so you open your phone and type it randomly onto any preinstalled application. While it saves you in that moment, it also costs you time as you have to write a completely new document later. What if you make that document on your phone as formal and professional as you want? If you have the latest version of Microsoft Word installed on your phone, you can easily draft correspondence, write press releases, articles, blogs, etc. It’s all about convenience and saving time.

3. Contactually

We know many people who can’t work when it’s messy. You might be one of those people. If so, then you must have felt the annoyance over the cluttered call history logs in your contact list. If a “cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind” then so is the cluttered phone a sign of an untidy mind. Believe it or not, it does affect your work as well. How? There are a gazillion contacts—from work and from home—that you need to keep tabs on, how do you do that without the help of an application that could put your contact list in order? This is when Contactually helps you keep contacts and its details in order.

4. Feedly

No business is ever run very well if that person isn’t aware of the happenings around the world. It is important to know where the world is going, where it came from, and how it should be. Feedly is the application that you need to install to keep you informed of the things going on around the world. It’s this attachment with the world that keeps businesses afloat because this connectivity updates us on the changing trends.

5. Tripit

Travelling—across cities or countries—is a must when you are running a business. Either to export goods or to attend meetings, travelling is always going to be in your weekly plans. With all the added duties who can keep a track of all your plans: whether you’re flying to another state, carpooling or taking a bus? More importantly, how would you take time out of your busy schedule to schedule your own trips? Who would keep an eye on the flight schedules? Of course, with all the burden of work, it gets really difficult to plan your trips, and this is where Tripit comes to the rescue. Not only will this app help schedule your trips, but it will arrange car-rentals and remind you of your travel updates.

6. Expensify

This application is like your mother who manages the finances at home. The only difference is that it helps you keep track of the expenses at your office. This also keeps the office budget in check. You wouldn’t have to ask your assistant, or set up a meeting, in that case where there is some loss in the office budget. Expensify will note down every time there is any money movement in the office.

7. TheStreet

One of the biggest websites on the stock market is TheStreet. It allows you to learn everything you need to know about the stock market. TheStreet app delivers analysis, news, reports, and more, about the stock market to its users.

8. CamScanner

The handiest of all applications is the CamScanner. A great app for those instances when your scanner at the office is acting up because we know how frequently this happens. CamScanner is your go-to application that enables the user to click the image of the document that is to be scanned. How great is this? You don’t even have to buy a scanner if you have the application installed on your phone. Most of these applications are free to use. If you have them installed, you saved yourself a couple hundred dollars.

What you need to know before installing these applications on your phone is that you must have a good internet connection in order to access these applications. In this modern world, the internet has become a basic necessity for every businessperson. Technology has advanced our lifestyle so much so that a day without it seems hard to pass, no office can run without the internet anymore. There are several service providers that offer incredible bundle deals i.e. three services combined into one deal at an affordable price. If you choose a Time Warner cable, you can have all three services for an incredible price. There are several bundle deals to choose from on their website, so your chances are good of finding one that suits your needs.

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