One of the most daunting task for an individual is the ability to save his or her money.  Thankfully, technology has made it easier for us to go about our daily routines. It is virtually impossible to live an easier life than the one that smartphones have now presented us with.

In addition, technology also seems to be giving us some level of financial liberation. Personal finance apps on our smartphones are helping to save us in areas of budgeting, investment, savings and so on.

However, we have compiled a list of apps that will better serve your financial needs. Here are top five (5) personal finance apps that help you save with ease and eventually help you in the achievement of your financial goals (in no particular order).



The concept of PiggyVest is based on the traditional savings system like the susu as it is known in Ghana. The app has different packages with the savings including daily, weekly or monthly so you can save based on your personal financial goals. You just have to go their website, download the app, select your plan and you’re good to go. Savings on this platform are very secured with standardized security measures and insured as well.


Savings Tracker

Savings Tracker is a simple financial planner & goal tracker app that helps you manage finance better. Aside from recording your savings or the money in your piggy bank, the app also sends you reminders to remind you to save money daily, weekly, or monthly toward your goal. We have a lot of awesome features that will be useful for you no matter where you live or what currency you use. As part of human nature, we tend to forget that we need to put money aside for our personal use. This app comes in handy in giving us the reminders.



This app is more like a physical piggybank in your hand. Like the other apps it helps you set goals and provides an interface on how far you’ve reached in achieving your savings goal. It also has a reminder that gives you notification on when to save and the journey so far. This is how it works. Add goals, write down the title and put the price tag, put optional detail, make it bold with picture, description, and link, start saving your money and track your progress and then keep your savings routine with reminder and target. Very simple. It however, contains in-app purchases which gives you premium features.


Savings Calculator

One of the stumbling blocks to savings is the impatience of the individual and the indiscipline that comes with it. More often than not, we fail to appreciate the power of savings over a period of time. Savings Calculator app helps you to estimate your gain in interest and to compare it with different interest rates. It is very easy to use, allowing inputs and calculations.



Money Box

Money Box helps you to manage and achieve your saving goals so you can make payments or purchase the things that you want. It does not matter if you are great with money or terrible. Money Box will keep you on track to bring your purchase goals to life. With this app you can purchase the product using it after your savings.

These are some of the apps we have put together for you. Jump on to any of them and enjoy a great experience with your finances.

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