Top 4 Destinations in Spain

If I would have to choose only one thing I love about Spain, it would be its cultural diversity. You simply cannot get bored while touring through this country because each region is different and new attractions just waiting for you to discover them!

Now, it was extremely difficult to choose only four destinations I would recommend, but after a lot of pondering, I managed to do it. So, before you decide what to pack for the trip, have a look at the beauty you’re about to discover!


The second largest city of Catalonia (after Barcelona), Tarragona is perfect for those of you who love sunny beaches. Tarragona is the capital of the Gold Coast (Costa Dorada) and is one of the best day trips from Barcelona you can take when looking to enjoy some peace and quiet. However, there’s more to this location than golden sand and beautiful landscapes!

Tarragona is a way to travel back in time and enjoy a bit of Roman’s lifestyle. The city is packed with well-preserved Roman monuments and there’s even a Roman Amphitheatre that remembers of the old gladiators. All these earned Tarragona a place on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is not uncommon in Spain.


As the capital city of Andalusia, Seville is a vibrant city with lots of things to do. The locals organize all sorts of festivals, and the nightlife of Seville is legendary! The good news is that tourists of all ages will find something to do.

If an all-night party is not up to your alley, you can always spend the day visiting monuments and famous buildings. I personally recommend the Real Alcazar, a gorgeous complex of palaces built by the Muslim Moors, and still used by the royal family of Spain as a residence.

Another tourist attraction to enjoy in Seville is the Seville Cathedral – the third-largest church in Europe, built in Gothic style. It is a pleasure for the eyes and lets you feel like an explorer on a quest.


The capital of Catalonia is a must-see if you land in Spain! Sprinkled with the genius of Antoni Gaudi and filled to the brim with amazing ruins left behind by the cultures that built its people, this is one of the regions that will stick to your heart the most.

The city offers plenty of possibilities for fun, and you can even book some Barcelona Exclusive Private Tours. This way, you’ll get to see and understand more than if you would wander aimlessly on its cobblestone streets (although I highly recommend doing this as well).


Have you ever heard of Alhambra? More and more tourists go to Granada, Andalusia to see one of the most famous fortress complexes in the world.

Built by Moors, Alhambra offers ornamental architecture, palaces and military locations that take you back in time. You can almost feel the spirits of the past sultans enjoying themselves under the luscious archways tapped with vegetation! Even more, you get a stunning view of the city below and the surrounding mountains, and you understand why Alhambra is so visited.

As you can see, Spain has a lot to offer for both wanderers and adventurers! Its biggest cities are packed with history, stories, and culture that you can’t find anywhere else. Also, the locals offer you a different perspective on life and its wonders. So, if you have the chance to visit Spain, make sure to enjoy every bit of it!


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