Quality content is created after regular research work, content creation, proofreading, analysis of target audience and various other tasks. Hence, a lot of hard work and dedication is needed to write high-quality content. A quality blog, research article, product review or any other form of content cannot be created overnight.
Professional authors put in immense hard work to produce content appreciated by the audience. It is not permissible to copy content produced by someone and use it as is without rephrasing. Plagiarism is an unprofessional act whether it is committed by a student or working professional. Even if you have submitted plagiarized content in an unintentional manner, the same penalties would be applied on you.

Alternate plagiarism tools apart from Copyscape

Copyscape is one of the better and more commonly used plagiarism checkers available on the internet but it is surely not the only quality tool you can look at. Apart from Copyscape, the following tools are recommended for plagiarism checking.

1. Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

This plagiarism checker stands out in every area.  For instance, content is checked with complete efficiency and nothing is ignored. Submitting an original piece of content means that each line is plagiarism free. Even if one line is copied, the entire submission would be rated plagiarized. Some students do not think that using a plagiarism checking tool is important. They have the opinion that proofreading the content manually is good enough to prevent plagiarism but this is not the case.

  • The Prepostseo plagiarism checker is a 100% free tool and users can use it for as long as they want to without paying any charges. This facility is not present with most tools. Even if you are able to find a free tool, several conditions are attached with the usage. Most of these tools are free for a restricted time span. After that, usage is only continued if the user makes payments.
  • This tool is completely reliable. If it shows that no part of the content is copied, you can rely on it without a doubt. No need to go through unnecessary installations when this tool is being used. It is an online tool which can be used from any smartphone, laptop or desktop with an internet connection. Thus, you do not need to download any heavy supportive tools to use this plagiarism checker.

Top 3 Alternative Plagiarism Checkers of Copyscape

2. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is a quite online tool that offers the best plagiarism checking options to its users. This tool is quick and users are able to save a lot of time. As compared to a lot of other tools, Paper Rater is quicker and more efficient as well. Along with that, no downloads are needed to use this tool. Users can use it online without executing any installation procedure.

  • Is a plagiarism checker detecting all the mistakes made? This should be an important question for users. You should only choose a tool if it can detect all appearances of plagiarized content without skipping or ignoring anything. Unfortunately, a lot of tools do not have this level of efficiency. Paper Rater is a quality tool which does not ignore or overlook at part of the content.
  • Apart from plagiarism checking, Paper Rater also checks the content for grammatical issues. Thus, if you have not used the tenses properly or any of the punctuation marks have been skipped, the tool would highlight that.

Top 3 Alternative Plagiarism Checkers of Copyscape

3. Que Text

It is not easy to find a completely free plagiarism checking tool that does not have any efficiency problems? There are various quality tools but a high ratio requires users to pay for usage. For students in particular, paying high subscription fee is not easy. At the same time, they cannot afford to use a low standard tool. Such tools do not check the content properly. As a result, copied content is submitted.

  • Que Text is a legitimate online tool with a good reputation and a high user base. A high count of people is using this tool and have a high satisfaction level. Even if you have lengthy content, this tool would scan through it and identify each copied line. This simply means that as a user, you would not have to proofread the content again after it has been checked though the tool.
  • Users do not have to pay anything for using this tool. It is completely free and you can use it for as many times as you want. There is nothing like using the tool for a fixed number of days until the trial version expires, a paid version has to be purchased. The tool is 100% free and no conditions are applied in this relation. It is a suitable option for college students, teaching professionals and people who wish to check content originality.
  • The tool is online so users do not need to go through installation steps. All you need to do is open the link and get the content checked. Most people seek online tools these days so that they do not have to tolerate the headache of installing applications.

Summing It Up

The biggest mistake which students make is taking chances with plagiarism. It is a serious issue and you should have a confirmation about the originality of the written content. We can take the example of an academic assignment. Students are awarded grades on the basis of several factors including the originality of written content. Why do you need to read the content and check whether it is original or not when there are online plagiarism checkers to perform the same job?
These tools offer countless benefits to the user. First of all, you do not have to perform the daunting task of manual plagiarism checking. All plagiarism traces are shown to the user on his screen through the selected tool.
A key point is that all plagiarism tools are not dependable. Most of them are not free and stop working when the trial period ends. In an overall manner, make sure that you have checked all key factors of a plagiarism checker before you start using it.
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