Located in the southern hemisphere, Australia is one of the countries that experience different types of weather from that of the ones located in the Northern hemisphere. Flora and fauna here is also very unique with some restricted to this place only and not found anywhere else. This is what makes this country unique and a must-visit for every tourist, who loves to discover new places.

Visiting Melbourne

Melbourne City
Australia – Melbourne City 2017. Travel photo of Melbourne. Cityscape of Melbourne from Kings Domain parklands in Australia.

Several cities in Australia should make the must-visit list. But Melbourne is definitely worth the mention and is among the funkiest cities here. It is well known for its music, hip cafes, robust art, cool architecture, vibrant sports, etc. Often, this city is referred to as the country’s cultural capital. Its narrow lanes are known to hide beer gardens, beautiful cafes and covered with top quality street art. The truth is that there is plenty to do and see here.

Some favourite things to indulge in at Melbourne

  • Victoria State Library (328 Swanston St.): This library is considered to be an institution of great historical importance and witnesses over 8 million visitors coming here annually. This library was built originally in the year 1856 and since then has managed to become an event space and presently is regarded to be the pride of the city. Since there can always be noticed a queue here, you need to visit before it opens. The book-lined walls and octagonal shaped central rotunda, etc. should not be missed out. Several free tours are provided about the library’s striking architecture and history.
  • Street art tour: The graffiti artists belonging to Blender Studies provide street art tour to those who are interested. The tour cost provides the local support with financial support and motivates them to do better. It also includes complimentary cheese and drinks. You can get to learn a lot and can develop a better appreciation of the city’s art scene. Artists from all over the world make it a point to visit here at least once in a lifetime.
  • Queen Victoria Market: It is a popular outdoor market where you can come across knick-knack vendors and food sellers. In short, it is a food market coupled with the flea market. The main draw during the week is, however, the food hall. But the weekend offerings can seem to be much bigger since the outdoor vending area is filled with sellers. You can taste free wine samples at the food hall from Swords Wines. Wine here is cheap, and the staffs are quite friendly.
  • Moonlight movies at the park: Nightly movies with most of them being major Hollywood features are shown during summer months at the ‘Royal Botanic Gardens’. Visitors are allowed to bring their wine and food to have a small picnic. As it is cold at night, bringing along a rain jacket is recommended.
  • Federation Square: Along free City Circle train route and from Flinder’s Street Station street, you can find the Federation Square. It is an open square which services stellar people watching. You can watch people passing by and also take your lunch. There is a river just below the square, along with several outdoor bars and restaurants.
  • City Circle tram: Besides offering free transportation, it provides ‘hop on, hop off’ services, thereby allowing you to visit the interesting sightseeing attractions like Old Treasury Building, Federation Square, Princess Theater and the Parliament House. As you stop or pass through any place of architectural, cultural or historical significance, you can get to hear a recorded running commentary about the same providing you with the details.
  • NGV Australia: It is considered to be the home to Victoria’s art collection at the National Gallery. Admission fees apply only to special exhibitions, while permanent collection can be viewed for free. It takes just a couple of hours to complete viewing the collection.
  • Flinders Street Station: Located in Central Melbourne, is considered to be a popular meeting place and a significant landmark constructed during the 19th It features large clock faces and Victorian architecture. This station is also stated to be the Southern Hemisphere’s busiest suburban railway station. The imposing building is a great sight and worth admiring it.
  • Cafés: This city does boast of its café culture regarded to be part of the city’s soul. The citizens love to drink tea or coffee with their favourite snack and chat or do some work sitting in an arty café. Café Culture Walk and Melbourne Coffee Tours can help you to know about the café culture here.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens: This garden covers an area of 86 acres and comprises of trees, shrubs and flowers that grow all over the country & the world. You can hang out here and spend some time walking around, reading and relaxing. At the ‘Main Visitors Centre’, you can avail free self-guided audio tours or guided walks.
  • Immigration Museum: Located at Old Customs House, it features mainly the relics of the country’s immigration history. You can learn a lot about those people who moved to Melbourne.
  • Como House & Gardens: This estate is now more than 160 years old and is regarded to be a mixture of classic Australian regency and Italianate architecture. It is among the best historic houses here.
  • Fitzroy Gardens: This Victorian-era garden is among the city’s most beautiful and historic gardens, developed in 1848. It has been designed to appear similar to the English gardens which the early settlers had left behind. You can get free guided walking tours at the visitor centre and find out more about the garden.
  • Kilda: If you want to indulge in nightlife, then this is definitely the place to be and also you can come across several inexpensive restaurants, clubs and bars serving delicious dishes and fine wine.

You need to book your hotels in Melbourne in advance to ensure that you get a good discount and also ensure that it is located close to the major place of tourist importance.

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