Your beauty routine is not complete without applying a toner on your skin. With the harsh weather we get these days, not including one product in your beauty or skincare routine can actually make it hard to get the glow you want. Let’s show you the importance of using a toner. Toner beauty routine:
1. Cleanses the skin: Toners are amazing when it comes to cleansing the skin. It does so by getting rid of excessive oil and makeup on your face when called upon. If you wear heavy makeup on a daily basis, the application of toner on a daily basis is important. Without a toner, the excess oil that your face cleanser fails to get rid of will only clog your pores.
2. Your skin gets hydrated: If you want to maintain a particular level of glow, your skin has to remain hydrated and a facial toner gives you just that. Apply them before or after using your moisturizer. With the sunny weather, you should not leave your home without using a toner. You will only be inviting breakouts when you fail to use it.
3. It balances the pH level of the skin: Cleansers and other skincare products can upset the pH of your skin and that is far from healthy. A toner helps to correct that, leaving you with a skin that produces the needed amount of oil your skin needs to remain hydrated. If you did not know, the best pH for your skin is 5.5.
4. Adds another layer of protection: If you live in Lasgidi, you can expect lots of air pollution, which is why your skin needs a toner for the maintenance of its glow. If your skin is exposed to these pollutants, it will result in all types of irritation you do not want. Pollution also fastens the aging process of your skin, nobody wants that.
5. Detoxifies the skin: Several skincare products come with chemicals that can affect the appearance of the skin. Not to worry though, because toners help to get rid of these toxins as fast as possible.

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