To succeed in a digital world, you need Digital Literacy skills

To succeed in a digital world, you need Digital Literacy skills

In a world that is increasingly becoming dependent on digital technology to function, digital literacy is as equally important as traditional literacy. It has gained so much importance in the job market today such that employers require it as a one of the prerequisites for landing the appointment.

Being able to assess the credibility of information received, as well as being able to use technology in finding, sharing, and using information, is what digital literacy consists of. Employers look out for certain skills in particular — depending on how important it’ll be to the organization, as well as inform them as to whether a candidate would be the right fit or not.

To succeed in a digital world, you need Digital Literacy skills

Undertaking a course in digital literacy is of immense benefit to professionals across industries who for one reason or the other need to be up to date with technology and best practices. For example, people who have taken some time away from work and are ready to join the workforce would need such training to keep them abreast with what the industry or workplace runs on.

Also, people who want to change jobs or even industry in their quest for career advancement would find it important to their cause.

Digital Literacy Course at Certified Ghana

You’ve probably read about Certified Ghana courses in some previous articles, and for a good reason; it is without a doubt, one of the best IT training institutions in the nation. For that reason, we keep recommending their tuition services to you.

Anyway, the course offered by Certified Ghana would aside other things, introduce to you what digital literacy is; and also, the role it plays in jobs for today and the future.

After the course, you should be able to:

  • Confidently and critically be able to utilize technology in achieving your life, work, and study goals.
  • Identify the issues, trends, and in relation to the use of digital technologies in the workplace; as well as the opportunities that arise from it.
  • Find, choose, and use the appropriate technologies for any tasks at hand.
  • (Most importantly), describe what digital literacy is as well as explore the skills entailed.

Contact Certified Ghana

To reach Certified Ghana for further inquiries and registration, you can do so via their website, or simply send an email to info[@]certifiedghana[.]com. Contact can also be made on WhatsApp and phone using these mobile numbers +233548131314 and +233246718771.

It is great to know how to use computers and smartphones. However, beyond that there’s more that is needed for one to be digitally literate or tech savvy in order to be able to face the challenges that come with a digitized era.


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