In Australia, the real estate market is full of competition; offering a low price is not enough. Buyers are viewing several other properties in your neighbourhood, so your home needs to be fully functional and aesthetically attractive to stand apart from other properties.
After going through a long process of purchasing a property, buyers will not want to put more money and effort to repair the purchased property. Buyers generally prefer a property where no initial repairs are required.
If you are planning to sell your property and thinking about how to increase its value, then no need to worry, scroll down and continue your reading. In this article, we will discuss 6 expert tips that will help you to increase your property value.

External Repairs

The first thing that the potential buyers will see is the exterior of your property. People will not buy a property that looks old or ugly. A good exterior will create a good first impression. Nothing can be better than applying a new coat of paint. Besides a new paint, you also have to repair any visible damages- repair or replace any loose or rotting wood if the walls of your house are made of weatherboard, fill up the cracks if any in case of brick walls, and clean up your garden.

Landscape and Yard Lights

According to Forbes, the most easiest and affordable way to increase the property value is landscaping. It does not take too much to repair a yard. A good and well-maintained landscape will attract a lot of potential buyers. Buyers imagine themselves spending time in the yard so; make sure that your yard does not look messy and boring.
Remove all the dead plants, make your yard look fresh and inviting by investing in new soils, rocks, scrubs, and new trees, scrubs, and others. Also, pay attention to yard lighting especially night lighting will give a modern look to your yard. Many buyers might also like to spend time in the yard after dark.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

A common mistake that sellers make is that they upgrade their kitchen with fancy and modern-looking granite and marble bench-tops but this may make buyers think that the house is very expensive. Buyers prefer a kitchen with good taps, functional cupboards, and benchtops. Replace or repair all the outdated and malfunctioning cabinets and ensure that all appliances are fully functional.
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An aesthetically appealing and functional bathroom is equally important as a kitchen. It is not necessary to renovate your entire bathroom and upgrade with all new showers, tubs, and toilets. Just make sure that the chips in sinks and bathtubs are repaired, exhaust fans are cleaned, and replace lights if required.

Internal Lights

When you are selling a house, lightning is very important to take care of. If you are having old-fashioned hanging lights then upgrade them, use energy-efficient lighting as it will make your property more appealing.

Interior Walls and Flooring

Old carpeting will not do you any good. Floors are one of the first things that buyers take a look at. Fix flaws in your floorings if any and replace carpets if they are too old.
A white-walled home may have a negative impact on the buyers and they may consider the property to be boring. Painting the interior will improve the look of the house. But while painting the interior you should be careful with your colour choices. It is better to use a colour that blends with the design aspects of the house.

Foundations and Roofs

As compared to the above factors your house structure may not be evident to your buyers at first glance but they want to be assured that their new home is safe and built to last. It is advisable to hire a professional to inspect your home ahead of time.


These are the top 6 expert tips that you should use to increase your property value. Consult a good real estate agent to sell your house and earn a huge profit.
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