Tips to get free online Poker money

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Tips to get free online Poker money

Poker is an interesting game, and in the world of gambling, it is considered as one of the best games. It has many things to offer, including money and entertainment. Poker players find the game is all about challenges and how to deal with such challenges. It is believed playing poker enhances the ability to rationalize factors in real life. It is also believed that playing poker is far better than playing immersive roulette even though the two share more similarities than differences.

In the past two decades, the era has changed. The information technology has penetrated in our lives fast, and digitalization of sports, games and gaming world is in full swing. The era has revolutionized several industries and poker is one of those. Everything is being migrated from offline to online. Everything is being made available right in our living rooms. Everything has been made accessible by just a click of a mouse or tab on our mobile phone. Everything is in one place. Everything is available at the stroke of a finger.

The online poker is similar to offline poker, but there are some differences between them. There are pros and cons of the online avatar, and the big secret about the online poker industry is that the poker rooms offer up an unbelievable amount of money to prospective players to get them started. Yes, it is true. It is important for the online poker industry to attract more and more prospective players.

It’s a way for the poker rooms to attract new players and make them happy enough to play there all the time. There are several websites that give out real free money to play online poker. This money is 100% real and can be used to start a bankroll on a number of well-known poker rooms.
The reason why several websites give out real free money is the growing competition among online portals. More and more websites are adapting the new online version of the game.

How to Receive Free Online Poker Money

The first and foremost thing required in the process of obtaining free poker money is to join a free bankroll site. As said above, there are several sites and the process is almost always the same in all. Be sure to evaluate what each of them can offer, not just how much money they are willing to hand out (most revolve around the same amount anyway) but what the website offers in continual benefits like regular freerolls and added bonus points. Some hand out money and forget about their players, so choose wisely.

Once a website has been chosen and an account has been created, players need to download and link the new poker account to the website. It is very important to remember that if a player already has an account on a particular poker room, a free money deal is usually not possible. Poker rooms want new players, not existing players looking for free money. This means to receive a free bankroll the players must not already have an account on the poker room they wish to receive money for.

Once all the software is properly downloaded, the player must apply for the free deposit. The process is different on all sites. Some require a test to be taken, others ask for more personal information than others, but under no circumstances should a player give out any kind of banking information. Receiving a free poker bankroll is safe as a bankroll site does not require banking information to transfer the money, but there are those who wish to take advantage of others.
From there, prospective players must simply wait. Sometimes the money only takes a couple of business days, while others can take 10-12 business days to process completely. Patience is needed. It’s free money, so it’s hard to complain when it takes a few days to deposit into the poker room account.

How to Play with a Free Poker Money Deal

Once the money has been properly deposited there is usually one major string attached. The player must play a set number of raked hands before the money can be withdrawn from the poker room account. This might seem very annoying, but it is the only way to ensure that the player does not simply withdraw the money from the account and run away to a different poker room.
It is best to start playing low and micro-level cash games. This way, the number of raked hands increases, while limiting the possibility of losing the whole free bankroll before being able to cash out. As the winnings start to rise with the number of raked hands, then it is time to start playing the occasional large field tournament or Sit-and-Go tournament. It can be risky to jump straight into a large tournament right away without having the required amount of raked hands to withdraw. The thing to remember when playing with free poker money is bankroll management. Always remember how much is at stake with every game played.

With websites willing to hand out free money without anything in return, it’s hard to say no. The key is picking the right room and the right bankroll website. There are sites that have more strings attached than others.


It is interesting to receive free online poker money, but players are suggested to start with micro-level cash games instead of a higher level. It is never advised to jump into a large tournament immediately. Knowing how much is at stake is essential before playing a game.

More to all these, it is highly recommended to only play on a reliable and trustworthy website. All the online poker portals may not be maintaining the same entertaining standard or fair deal. The poorly maintained websites may not be able to process the money fast and hence these need to be avoided even if the offers are comparatively more attractive. So, happy gaming and happy accumulating free money in the world of online poker.

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