Tips To Buy Best Back Headphones For Gaming
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If you are a gamer and you have decent gaming headphones, then consider that 30% of the victory is already in your pocket. A good computer, a keyboard suitable for your purposes and a special gaming mouse will complete the job, however, of course, sound is one of the main factors.

However, what should be such headphones? We identified some rules for selecting the perfect gaming headset, and also made a rating –

Selection rules for Back Headphones

First of all, I must say that for five cents you can’t buy good gaming headphones. The price for them starts from about $200, and these are quite budget models that will allow you to play, but they will not give cool sound transmission. Of course, you can buy an option on headphone critics for $50, but such a headset will be like a Christmas tree toy: beautiful, but not happy.

Choosing headphones with a microphone for the computer: gaming vs. music. The next parameter to pay attention to is whether the headphones have surround sound technology. Optimally, if they can produce virtual sound 7.1. Such a sound quality will help when the enemy needs to be heard long before he appears, for example, when he approaches from around a corner or creeps up behind.

The second factor to consider is the headphone impedance. If you need a headset that works without noise and distortion, this figure should be at least 30-32 ohms, or better – twice as high.

The third point. A long cable must be attached to the headset for the gamer – at least 2 meters. Best of all, of course, if the wire is removable: it can be shortened if necessary, and in case of breakage – quickly replaced. Regarding wireless headphones: we are not so categorically against their use for gaming, but we must take into account the fact that the average “life” of such a device from charging to charging is usually 15-20, maximum 36 hours, then you have to interrupt the game, and best bass wireless Gaming Headphones with Microphone – Charge. In addition, the sound quality of such a headset is often somewhat lower than that of wired relatives.

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Traditionally, for games it is recommended to choose headphones that are connected to a USB computer, since a 3.5mm jack can distort sounds or a microphone does it. However, there is a stumbling block. The fact is that if a good sound card is installed in the computer, for example, Hyper X Cloud Stinger, this rule will not work. That is, the recommendation is relevant for those players who have integrated sound and standard codecs in the PC. In their case, indeed, the best sound will be in a USB headset. The advantage of such a device is that they already have their own DACs and amplifiers installed inside them, and the wiring of these parts has been done in the mind. That’s why, regardless of how the sound is arranged in the PC itself, the sound quality will be consistently good.

No less important is the parameter for transmitting low frequencies, that is, bass. It is believed that the emphasis here should be on low frequencies, so that the sounds are saturated, therefore, headphones for a PC with a microphone – gaming, like music – should have a sensitivity of at least 105 dB. However, in fact, this is not entirely true. Or maybe not at all. The fact is that if a player hears only rumble and reverberation, for example, while shooting in a shooter, he often cannot correctly assess the sound source in the game, make up the correct sound picture of the area. Therefore, it is better not to overdo it with the bass, since the gamer is more important than the beauty of the sound, but its information content.

However, top manufacturers offer various options for displaying bass: there are gaming “ears” with significant amplification of low frequencies, such, indeed, most, but there are also headsets that do not have this feature. And it is not necessary.

The next important moment for the player is the location of the control unit. Ideally, it should be directly on the cord. If during the game you have to poke blindly somewhere in the ear region – this is not an option for gaming: it makes you distracted, and even what good, you press somewhere else.

And finally, of course, you should evaluate the materials from which the gadget is made. If the ear pads are equipped with a memory effect and lined with a breathable leatherette that will not make your ears sweat, if the arch is metal, but the second one is soft, if the case is made, for example, of high-quality plastic, and the cord – in a reliable braid – you can safely take it. But still, do not judge only by appearance: ideally, before buying, you need to play an hour or two with new headphones, but since the store usually does not have such an opportunity, you need to at least measure them. Ease of use is a big deal.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to buy half-open “ears” or completely closed ones, and it depends entirely on your tasks. If you can 100% surrender to the game, buy closed ones. If you are constantly being approached: boss, wife or mother – it is better to take, of course, half-open. But then at night you won’t get lost with full dedication.

Choosing headphones with a microphone for the computer: gaming vs. music. As for the microphone, everything is quite simple: you need to choose a Gaming Headphones with high sensitivity and active noise reduction – this is enough for your game partners to hear clearly everything that you have to tell them, even in a whisper.

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