Everyone has experienced a hangover at least once in their lifetime when they consumed a little more alcohol than their body can tolerate. The next day they woke with an aching body, dry mouth, pounding headache, nausea, and dizziness. It sucks! Instead of experiencing a hangover, it might be better to give up drinking alcohol altogether. With these alcohol monitoring systems, you will take back control of your body and mind.
How much alcohol must a person drink to avert hangover is impossible to point out because it depends on several factors like –

  • How tired they felt before they started drinking?
  • Were they hydrated before the drinking started?
  • Did they drink water in between their alcohol drinking session?
  • How much sleep did they get later?
Tips to bring down hangover and its symptoms
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How to cure hangover symptoms?

The hangover symptoms can be reduced by drinking lots of water, having food to replace electrolytes, and taking a rest. In general, hangovers vanish in 24 hours. Responsible drinking is the only way to avoid hangovers. Fortunately, you can choose the IV hangover solution to gain quick relief.
A nurse from the hangover hospital visits you anywhere be it in a hotel, docked boat, or beach. A blend of vitamins and fluids will be administered. The solution is designed to enhance your immune system as well as boost your energy. You are on your feet within an hour to attend a crucial business meeting or a presentation.
Sugary foods can reduce trembles. Painkillers can give relief from headaches. Vegetable soup is a great source of minerals and vitamins, which can boost the depleted resources. Replace lost fluids by drinking bland liquids that are easily digestible including isotonic drinks, soda water or regular water.

Tips to tone down hangover symptoms

Hangover hardly has any cure. The only way is to avoid the nauseated, tired, and heady feeling is to drink less! If you feel you may overdo, here are tips to tone down morning hangover symptoms.

Eat & drink

Never wait for the dinner party to end to eat. The alcohol has already reached in your system, so eating or drinking will not affect the way it gets absorbed.
If you eat and have water or non-alcoholic drink along with your alcohol, it will help to reduce the hangover intensity. Having food and water decreases the BAC [Blood Alcohol Concentration] level by one-third. Less drunk prompts less shoddy feeling the next morning!
Another solution is to have a meal enriched in fats or carbs before you go to a party, which involves alcohol. The food can help to slow the body’s alcohol absorption level.
Alcohol is a diuretic, so you pee more and lose plenty of liquid. This is the reason hangover symptoms reveal dehydration. You need to replace the fluid loss, so act wisely. Drink water before going to bed and place a bottle by your bedside to hydrate every time you wake up.

Choose clear booze

Spirit colors can affect the way you feel the next morning. Stick to clear booze like gin, vodka, rum, and tequila. These don’t have chemical compounds like congeners. In darker drinks like scotch and bourbon, chemical compounds are at a high level, which worsens your hangover symptoms.

Avoid smoking while drinking

Smoking and alcohol consumption is not advised. Both impact your sleep and a poor night’s snooze makes you feel lousier the next morning. If you need a quick hangover remedy then contact Hangover Hospital today the the IV hangover cure to get you back on your feet.
Drink responsibly!

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