Are you planning to incorporate video marketing to boost conversions? If yes, you might not find a better platform than YouTube. Being the second largest search engine after Google, YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms so far.
YouTube has over 2 million active users to date. Moreover, 60% of people prefer to watch videos on YouTube over their TV units. Any brand that aims to carve a niche for itself and attract the target consumers cannot afford to exclude this platform from its marketing mix.
YouTube can help in creating brand awareness, brand loyalty, consumer acquisition, and boost conversions. It also enables the brands to tap an untapped section of the audience. How should you go about it? Here is an extensive guide on YouTube marketing.

New Account Set-up

The first thing that an ad maker needs to do is set up a new YouTube account. Generally, social media platforms ask a user to create an account before using the platform. Viewing videos on YouTube doesn’t need any account set-up. However, you need to set-up a new account for uploading videos and engaging with the target audience.
You need to have a Google account for signing up on YouTube. Marketers can use their Google id details or can create a new username altogether. Going for a business-related username will fetch better results and high content engagement.

Identify the Target Audience

YouTube is among the most popular social media platforms in the US. Right from children, teenagers, millennials to elder ones, everyone is on YouTube. Over 90% of YouTube users refer to brand videos before buying a product.
It is a golden opportunity for brands to tap the right audience at the right time. They can attain success once they have identified their target audience on the platform. Demographic and Analytics tabs will help in knowing the age brackets of the users.
Besides, a community tab will facilitate direct user interaction. So, it is high time for the brands to move ahead of the prevalent assumptions and see the real picture.

Keeping a tab on the Competitors

Around 78.8% of brands believe that YouTube is one of the most effective marketing strategies so far. It creates a vast database for competitive analysis. Brands must undertake competitive analysis to get an extra edge over the other players.
They can save their time and research efforts by referring to the comments, likes, schedules, reviews, and subscription status of the competitors. They have ready data in-hand, which needs to be refined for better results. Moreover, learning from the mistakes or shortcomings of the competitors will help a brand in rolling-out perfect content.

Taking Inspirations

A YouTube user, on average, spends around 11 minutes and 23 seconds per day on the platform. Apart from learning from competitors, marketers can also take some inspirations from the trending YouTube channels.
Taking some crucial marketing clues from the trending channels will encourage a brand to lead the competition. They should use a free intro maker to release a captivating video intro. Experimentation and constant learning are the secrets to entice the target audience.

Video Optimization

Just like content optimisation, video optimisation also plays a vital role in a YouTube marketing plan. Brands must work towards optimising their videos to gain maximum advantage out of it. Here are some tips and tricks for getting it right in the first shot only.

  1. Over 73% of the adults in the US alone use YouTube. It calls for an appealing and striking video title that is easy to recall by the users. Using the exact keywords can boost clicks and conversions.
  2. 81% of the people in the age bracket of 15-25 years use YouTube every day. It indicates that the marketers must not leave any stone unturned for creating captivating and to-the-point product descriptions.
  3. Using creative hashtags and thumbnails will make the video more searchable.
  4. Brands can use watermarks, cards, and bumper ads for their channel promotions.

YouTube Channel Optimization

Marketers can easily ace channel optimisation by uploading some useful information about the brand. In other words, they need to decorate their YouTube profiles with some relevant links, captivating bio, logo, and striking banner image.
YouTube is a massive community, and marketers can open avenues for cross-channel promotions and collaborations through effective channel networking.

Scheduling Content

You see, 500 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every minute. You see, scheduling videos on YouTube is an art. Marketers who have managed to crack the right releasing schedule will get the upper hand in the competition.
Experts believe that the videos uploaded between 2 pm to 4 pm on weekdays and between 12 pm to 3 pm on weekends enjoy maximum views. Brands must also identify their ideal time when the maximum audience is online and in a good mood to see the videos.
Last but most important, a brand must always fulfil its commitment to uploading videos. It is a golden chance to earn the trust and confidence of the target consumers. Therefore, scheduling videos is a crucial factor that can have a direct impact on your conversions.

Influencer Marketing

Every 6 in 10 YouTube users prefer to follow influencers over celebrities. Moreover, a whopping 49% of YouTube users purchase a product after hearing it from their favourite influencer. You see, influencer marketing has become the need of the hour. It can play a vital role in boosting a brand’s reputation and conversions.


YouTube ads are perfect for creating brand awareness and brand loyalty among users. Connect with the market experts to know how to edit videos for YouTube for the best results. Here are the six different types of ads formats:

  1. Bumper ads
  2. Display ads
  3. Skip-able ads
  4. Non-skip-able ads
  5. Overlay ads
  6. Sponsored ads

Bottom Line

Do you know that users are three times more impressed with the videos that can satisfy their queries, instead of flat flashy celebrity ones?  Marketers must focus on creating value for their consumers.
They should also invest enough time on studying YouTube Analytics as well. Examining the current demography, device reports, number of subscribers, and video traffic sources will help them in creating excellent video content for the target audience.


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