Once you discover the colorful and charming world of precious gemstones, you can’t lay your hands off them. The gemstones are perhaps the most beautiful natural creation that brings immense good luck and fortune to your life.
Even in modern jewellery trends, colored gemstones are making their mark with unique designs and alluring styles. If you also want to don a perfectly modern look in your gemstone jewelry, you need to pick your gems right. Here is a guide to help you in this endeavor.
Differentiate Between Precious and Semi-Precious Gems
Gemstones are divided into two categories- precious and semi-precious stones. Precious stones refer to pricey crystals like emerald, ruby, diamond, and sapphire. On the other hand, semi-precious stones cover all other varieties.
Despite being called semi-precious, some of these gems are extremely rare and expensive like their precious counterparts. So, don’t get confused and buy relevant gems based on your budget, needs, and astrological symmetry.

Make a Budget

Buying gemstone jewelry or a gemstone itself is a costly affair. Hence, it helps if you would make a budget and stick to it before your shopping spree begins. For determining a reasonable budget, ask yourself if you need a semi-precious or precious stone, will you wear the jewelry every day, are you looking for a statement piece, or do you want a particular color gemstone.
For example, if you want to buy a stone below $100, your choices may include amethyst, citrine, turquoise, etc. You might not get big stones at this price, but you will definitely have some alluring and colorful ones for your trinkets. Even if you want to buy precious stones like ruby or emerald, you don’t need to go overboard.
Choose smaller gems preferably 1-3 carat that will come within your budget. Some semi-precious stones like aquamarine, opal, tourmaline, or garnet may be pricier than others. Make your decision wisely but don’t centralize it on the prices alone. Whatever gem you choose, it should suit your horoscope as well.

Ask About the Treatments

Some gemstones like amethyst require heat treatment to enhance their color while turquoise may be dyed for the perfect shade. Many sellers will not disclose this information, so you should ask before buying.
Prefer reliable stores like Gempundit that offer a free lab certification with each gemstone to prove its authenticity and origin. If a seller refuses to give you a direct or informed reply, consider it as a red flag even if you’ll get the desired gem at a dirt-cheap price from such seller.

Ask About the Durability

One important thing to check before buying a gemstone online for jewelry is its durability. After all, you wouldn’t want to invest in a stone that may crack or chip under the slightest pressure when you wear your ring or bracelet every day. Hence, don’t forget to ask about the durability of a gem you intend to buy.
Gems are measured for hardness in terms of the Moh’s scale. It was developed by Friedrich Mohs, a German scientist, in 1812 for mineral categorization. A harder mineral can hold up better against daily wearing than a softer gem.
Hence, experts recommend gems on the scale of 7 or more for modern jewelry to resist breakage and scratches. You may choose softer gems as well if they suit your requirements and horoscope. Just be more careful when wearing them and protect your stone from harsh surfaces or sharp contacts.

Look at the Purity of Its Color

A colored gemstone is as good as its color. Natural shades with intense saturation and medium tone are the most preferable attributes to look for. When buying a precious stone like blue sapphire, for example, look for a deep cornflower blue color with medium tone.
It will make your gem stand out and look extremely beautiful under different lights. Color is also one of the quality factors when selecting gemstones. A gemstone with pure and untreated color fetches higher value than an adulterated or imitated variety.

Check the Cut

In your gemstone online shopping for jewelry, the cut is an important factor to consider. An excellent cut represents a gem’s ability to reflect light. It also showcases its luster and symmetrical appearance.
Usually, sellers use a five-tier rating system to grade the cut. A gem should have a perfect, deep cut that would appear excellent even under low lights. Also, it should make your gem look flawless from all sides with its faceted cutting.

Consider the Size and Weight

Your gemstone should have an appropriate size and weight to fit any jewelry design. Mostly, the size of gems is represented in millimeter measurements instead of their weight. It means that stone with larger measurements are valued higher than the smaller stone.
You may also look at the carat weight if you are buying the gem for astrological purposes. In this case, you should consult your astrologer and make a selection accordingly. Remember, some websites may sell the astrological gemstones in ratti which is also a format for measuring the carat weight. One ratti equals 0.91 carats, so do the math and buy accordingly.

Look at the Latest Fashion

Undoubtedly, gemstones have been around for centuries. Many civilizations embraced their properties long before they adopted the written language. So, they are ancient. But, fashion trends have influenced this industry and you can find Gemstone Jewelry in various stunning designs nowadays.
The cuts have also come of age from classic, square, or halos to accented designs. You can choose the right gem and get it encrusted into any latest design based on your personal taste, lifestyle, and budget. Whatever you choose, it should complement your style.
Most importantly, consider the astrological significance of a gem before buying it. Gemstones channelize the celestial energies of the planets to bring wealth, health, and success to your life. You should carefully consult an astrologer with your birth charts to get the right predictions and choose an appropriate corresponding gemstone according to your planetary positions. Whatever you choose, don’t compromise on the quality of the gem and reliability of the seller.

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