At the end of a long and tiring day, the best feeling is when you sink into your favorite couch in the living room and watch your favorite TV show. For many of us, our living room is a comfort haven where we can all relax and entertain ourselves. This is the reason why the living room must be clean, orderly, and pleasing to the eyes. If your living room is all messed up, it already adds up to the stress that you feel. Instead of feeling relaxed while staying in your living room, you might end up feeling the exact opposite. If you are one of these people who want to revamp their living room, this article is for you. Here are eight tips for making your living room cozier.

1. Choose the right furniture

Before revamping your living room, the first thing that you are going to consider is if your furniture fits the space of your living room. Big pieces of furniture will make small living rooms feel more cluttered and crowded. You need to invest in the right furniture that will make your living room more comfortable and at the same time, spacious. Pick living room chairs, sofas, and other pieces of furniture that will make your interior pop.

2. Ensure the warmth

We all associate a good home with the right amount of warmth and homeyness. When the weather is too cold and our surroundings are a bit dull, our home feels so lonely and uninviting. This feeling is not only abstract and symbolisms. It also has a material basis. It is important for the living room to also feel warm especially during winter. The key to keeping the heat in is to check out your windows. If it makes your living room too drafty, replace them with double or triple glazed ones.

3. Choose bold colors

To also give your home a sense of warmth, you can apply a bold palette in your living room. Choose deep and rich colors that give off a warm impression. Choose bold colors on either your walls, furniture, or decorations. Make sure that the colors you will choose for your living room are contrasting with each other. Otherwise, it will make your living room a colorful disaster. Try blending warm tones with cool tones. Examples of these are burnt oranges, mustard yellows, deep reds, and other earthy tones. Pair these colors up with navy colors or dark charcoal.

4. Add a bit of glamour

Just so your living room would not look like a dull bond paper, try incorporating a bit of shine. Add brass or copper accents to your home. You can also choose silver and gold, depending on the color palette of your living room. If you want it to be a bit lowkey, choose glittering cushions, sparkly decorations, or picture frames. A wallpaper or curtain with a metallic design is also an option.

5. Mind the lighting

Lighting must already be one of the major house rules when designing your interior. More than the aspect of visibility, a cozy living room also has great lighting. Install soft lighting in the background like dimmable ceiling fittings. You can also add a task light next to your sofa. This will be very useful for reading. Using warm light gives off a cozy and relaxing feel than cool light. Do you have an awkward and dark corner in your living room? Transform them into reading nooks! Put comfy cushions, pillows, and some lighting.

6. Add some fragrances

In hotels, the relaxing and welcoming scent immediately welcomes you. This pull makes you think fondly of the place. Different stores and boutiques now use this technique called scent marketing. Consumers would remember the stores vividly because of their distinct, welcoming scent. Imagine applying this to your house. If stores can do it, so can your living room! Start installing warm scents in your living room like vanilla, bergamot, amber, and more. Adding fragrance of a wax melts from Devon Wick to your living room helps a lot with your relaxation.

7. Incorporate smooth shapes and rounded edges

Smooth, curved shapes give off a more welcoming feel. When there are lots of straight lines and hard, sharp edges, you will feel a bit restrained and suffocated. This is because your living room gives off feelings of inflexibility and rigidity. A more carefree design will also make your living room more relaxing. Circular furniture like round coffee tables pulls you to gather around it. Choose sofas with round edges. These would make you feel like it is waiting for you to crash into it. These kinds of sofas welcome you with an embrace.

8. Add some greens

The green color, if applied right, can be relaxing. Add a few greens in your living room for a subtle green accent. Tall potted plants are great for filling out empty corners. They also fill out vertical space in a very chic way. Make sure that these plants will survive, though!

Choose the right pieces of home furniture

Here are just some of the many tips for making your home cozier. Now that you know these tips, it is now up to you on how to apply these! For this task, you will need the right home furniture and decorations to place in your living room. The best places to look for these are reliable online sites that offer a wide range of choices, like

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