As cannabis becomes more mainstream, those previously against the idea of using this psychoactive substance are becoming more curious about what a marijuana high feels like. As a result, beginners are venturing into dispensaries around the country, buying weed products and trying them at home — completely legally, but oftentimes without any input from cannabis experts. Unfortunately, some of the most attractive cannabis products to newbies are edibles.
Edibles seem like a beginner-friendly weed option, but in truth, they can be incredibly risky for first-timers. Here is a guide to consuming edibles safely and successfully, so your first weed high is much, much more fun.

Talk to Dispensary Staff

All cannabis beginners, regardless of age, health, gender or socioeconomic status, benefit from talking to someone with more weed expertise. At dispensaries, the knowledgeable staff behind the counter are called budtenders, and they are happy to answer any and all questions and concerns you might have regarding your first high — especially if you plan to use edibles.
When you first step foot in your local Ann Arbor dispensary — or whatever provisioning centre or retail shop is near you — you should find an available budtender and ask about their edible options. There is no reason to be nervous about letting them know this is your first time; in fact, this will help your budtender guide you toward beginner-friendly edible options, which are likely lower dosage or easier to dose properly.

Dose Thoughtfully and Carefully

Speaking of dosing, it is the single most important aspect of taking an edible and enjoying the experience. Because edibles require your body to absorb cannabinoids through your digestive system, as opposed to your lungs, dosing can be a bit more difficult, and it is common for first-timers to get frustrated by the time it takes for a high to set in.
You should give your body at least two hours after you consume an edible before you try to increase your dose by eating more — and even then, you should only nibble small amounts of additional edible. High doses of cannabinoids in edible form can rapidly result in an overdose, which isn’t life-threatening but will likely turn you off from future weed experiences. It is much better to be safe and dose with edibles slowly than risk discomfort.

Exercise Patience

Not everyone gets high the first time they try weed. It is possible that your first edible experience will be a bit anticlimactic, resulting in little more than an evening waiting for symptoms that will never come. Still, because you want to be careful and thoughtful with your dosing, you shouldn’t try to force a reaction by consuming way too much edible. If you don’t feel any effects of cannabis during your first try, you should call it a night and give your body a second chance at a first high on a later date.
tips for consuming cannabis edibles

Give Yourself Something to Do

You could be waiting hours for the effects of your edible to kick in, and the more you focus on whether you are getting high, the more likely you are to try to rush the experience and overdose. Instead, you should give yourself something to do after you consume your edible. Some ideas for fun activities that won’t be impacted by a nascent high include:

  • Socializing with friends
  • Watching a movie
  • Walking around your neighbourhood
  • Playing video games or board games
  • Visiting an art gallery or museum
  • Cooking a meal at home
  • Working out or meditating

If you can distract your brain during the early stages, you will find yourself in the middle of a blissful high without the stress of whether your edible is working or not.

Stay Hydrated

Research shows that the worst alcohol hangovers are primarily the result of long-term dehydration — and that the same can happen to stoners if they aren’t careful. Because you don’t want your first edible experience to end with a massive headache, you need to prepare by ensuring you have plenty of water at hand to drink throughout your session. This could also help speed up your digestive system, ensuring that you feel the effects of your edible sooner.
Edibles are fun — but only if you do them properly. With the right preparation, to include the right expectations, you should have an exceedingly successful first high with the edibles of your choice.
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