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Web hosting is not a minor thing when you already have an important site set up, with a constant flow of information and also with a large user base and visitors. But it is also important if you have a small blog or a business with which you want to provide a service to your clients in the way they expect. For this reason, do not forget to take into account the advice.

What types of hosting exist?

Before starting to weigh the issues that you should take into account when hiring a web hosting, it is very important to know the types of storage that exist. Of course, each one has its costs and characteristics. These are usually the most common services provided by a hosting company.

  • Gratuitous. It is a type of web hosting that, as its name implies, has no cost. Of course: it is full of advertisements, it may not have the speed you expect nor the storage capacity.
  • Shared. The service -and the costs- are shared with other sites that require a server that is not so large or with so many features. It can be a good choice for a blog or a small site.
  • Dedicated. Here you have a better hosting, dedicated especially to your needs and adjusted to your requirements. Of course, that of this service has a much higher value than the previous alternatives.
  • VPS. You share resources, but in a virtual way. It is an alternative that companies present for the use of complex CMS, for stores with a large number of products and some sites that may present sudden spikes in traffic, without affecting the performance of others who use hosting.
  • Cloud. It is an option mounted especially in the cloud, for which you usually pay what is consumed in service.

What to consider when hiring a hosting service?

When looking for a cheap web hosting that meets everything you need to host your site, you must take into account some questions to avoid falling into the first temptation of low prices. Be sure to pay attention to these items!

1. Have a good access speed

The hosting services for a web page must offer you a speed of access to your sites in a fast and effective way. There is nothing more annoying for a reader or user than the web page you are using takes a very long time to process everything. For this reason, find out this point well before hiring a service.

2. Have easy access support

A technical support that can solve things for you in a simple way, that is dedicated 24/7, with which you can communicate quickly and effectively, is something completely crucial. And, if possible, let it be in your language. This is very important to be able to communicate the problem you are having well and that they understand you without problems.

3. Keep it operational most of the time

Uptime is not a minor detail for effective web hosting. If you are going to hire a service that has many falls or that does not provide normal stability for your sites, your store or site will not be profitable for you. But don’t trust those who promise you 100% uptime either – there’s always room for bugs, updates and other issues.

4. That it’s secure

Of course, the security of the information you handle must be crucial, both from access to your site, CMS and others, as well as virus controls and other general computer security issues of your web hosting. Some hosting companies provide additional security services, which can be hired for an extra cost. It is not that the option without payment is “insecure”, but that there are some tools that make it extreme.

5. Make it what you really need

A cheap hosting can be a good alternative if you do not have a large site or want to start a blog. But if you have higher aspirations, it’s time to think of alternatives. You should take into account issues such as the transfer speed, the accommodation capacity, the possibility of progress that it gives you if you need to make the jump to something bigger and many other details, such as several of those we have shown you previously. Let this come first: decide what you want and then find out the prices well. Do not stay with the first option you see. Go through options and see which one gives you what you really need according to your budget.

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