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Research conducted by Statista, predicts that e-commerce sales will jump from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021. Many businesses are shifting to online stores. At the heart of all online companies lies an e-commerce platform, which powers these stores for smooth functioning. E-commerce platforms provide vital tools for creating, managing, and marketing an online store. E-commerce platforms play a crucial role in determining the success or failure of an online business. A wrong platform can cause severe damage to the online store’s performance. A functional e-commerce platform ensures a smooth running of online companies. When choosing the right platform, it is essential to keep certain factors in mind. Here are five tips to choosing an e-commerce platform.

Integration Options

Running an online store requires more than just an e-commerce platform. You need to integrate many plugins and software to perform different tasks before shifting to an e-commerce platform, ensure that it is compatible with various applications and plugins required to run your business. Lack of compatibility between the platform and your services will create obstacles in the operations of your online store. Make sure that your e-commerce platform offers various third-party integrations such as plugins, email marketing tools, tax management, and customer reward programs.


Your e-commerce platform must grow with you. Always check the scope of scalability when choosing a platform for your business. As you scale your business, your site will experience increased traffic. Make sure that the e-commerce platform can handle the peak traffic, increased orders, and page visits without crashing. A platform that is not scalable will lead to sluggish loading time, frozen pages, and error messages. As a result, many customers will become frustrated and look for alternatives.

User Experience

The user experience of an e-commerce platform is key to the success of your online transactions. The platform should offer a seamless experience to users to ensure they do not leave the page without making a purchase. The platform should seduce a visitor to purchase not drive them away. Therefore, an e-commerce platform should have easy navigation, category pages, efficient searches, and breadcrumbs.


Today, cybercrime and hacking are rampant. Online customers need a guarantee of their security before entering their bank or credit card details online. Choose an e-commerce platform that guarantees online safety and security to your customers. With cybersecurity, your potential clients will trust your store and make transactions.  The platform should also be SSL certified and PCI compliant for increased security.

Payment Gateways

Your platform must have reliable payment gateways to maximize your profits. Your business habits should be in accordance with the mode of payment. You may choose to have a payment gateway and merchant account or a payment service provider to handle your payments. Whichever way you want, the platform should integrate with that payment method.

Online shoppers look for more than the price and the product. They require an excellent experience as they shop. To choose the best ecommerce platform, log in and read reviews on some of the popular platforms.



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