Threads app from Instagram will cease to exist by the end of 2021, Meta has confirmed. The app displayed a notification prompting users to return to Instagram from November 23rd.

Threads had a similar concept to Facebook Messenger in that it allowed users to send and receive Instagram direct messages in a separate messaging interface separate from the main app.

Threads app by Instagram discontinues by end of 2021

It included a number of significant features, such as automatic statuses that the app could create for you based on what your phone was doing. By the time Threads app closes, all of those tools will be available on Instagram.

According to Instagram, “We’re bringing the fun and unique features we hard on Threads to the main Instagram app”.

Meta’s cross-platform changes

Meta is also in the process of merging its several communications platforms. Both Messenger and Instagram now offer cross-platform texting; That is, Instagram users could message Facebook friends and vice versa.

The updates also included dozens of new features, such as the ability to co-watch films, respond with emoji, alter the chat colour, and more. The firm has stated that it plans to include WhatsApp as well in the cross-platform messaging.

Therefore, Threads, an Instagram-only app, may make less sense as the distinctions between Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp blur.

Last year, Meta tried a number of things to salvage it, like completely redesigning the app and expanding its use applications from only close friends to all users, but it appears that they were not enough to save it.

Threads app by Instagram discontinues by end of 2021

The app had just over 200,000 users, which is a small fraction of Instagram’s billion-plus users.

Threads app is now listed No. 214 in the Photo & Video category on the US App Store, indicating that it has yet to gain traction with a wider audience.

It also has a 3.1-star rating based on 2,500 reviews, with people complaining about its usability, layout, missing features, and bugs.

Instagram spokesperson Christine Pai intimated that, “We know that people care about connecting with their close friends, and we’ve seen this particularly over the past few years with the growth of messaging on Instagram.”

Pai added, “We’re now focusing our efforts on enhancing how you connect with close friends on Instagram, and deprecating the Threads app.”

History of Threads

Threads was launched for both Android and iOS devices as Instagram’s standalone image-centric messaging app in October 2019.

The app was found to have some similarities with Snapchat as it allowed users to share their photos and videos in a visual form with their close friends.

It moved beyond close friends last year and was updated to allow users to message anyone on Instagram.


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