Thomas Kurian speaks on his first 365 days as Google Cloud CEO:


That was Thomas Kurian’s straightforward answer when he was asked if he thought he would achieve what he had in mind in his first year as CEO. One year ago, he took over as Google’s cloud operations CEO, which includes G Suite, and aimed to give the organization a better focus by improving on the strategy his predecessor, Diane Greene, set when she was in charge.

One year later, and Thomas, who has Oracle experience, has revamped things at Google Cloud operation by concentrating on enterprise customers, with focus on some key verticals.

His words, “When we look at what we’ve done this last year, first is maturing our products. We’ve opened up many markets for our products because we’ve matured the core capabilities in the product. We’ve added things like compliance requirements. We’ve added support for many enterprise things like SAP and VMware and Oracle and a number of enterprise solutions.”

“We were able to specialize our sales teams by industry — added talent into the sales organization and scaled up the sales force very, very significantly — and I think you’re starting to see those results. Not only did we increase the number of people, but our productivity improved as well as the sales organization, so all of that was good.”

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