top tech headlines -- July 27, 2019

Listed here are the top tech headlines that appeared on Ghana’s finest tech/lifestyle blog, this week

This week top tech headlines

8 Most Effective Tactics To Save Energy on Your Air Conditioning Bills

Summer’s here, and with this time of year comes hot weather. If you hate being hot but love saving money, you might be looking for some ways to conserve energy… READ MORE


Zeepay targets 150m mobile money subscribers in 20 African countries

Zeepay, a leading African financial technology (fintech) company, is seeking to reach more than 150million mobile money wallets in 20 African countries as it partners global remittance giants to transfer… READ MORE


Standard Chartered introduces “SC Keyboard”, a new banking feature accessible via social platforms

Standard Chartered is one traditional financial institution that is heavily utilising technology to make its banking services more fluid to its customers. The latest tool from Standard Chartered Bank is… READ MORE


KNUST students develop a monitoring panel to check the energy consumed by electrical devices

In most Ghanaian rural communities where people live in compound houses, fights over how much one tenant is supposed to pay for electricity consumption are rampant. This issue has prompted… READ MORE


Ghanaians launch Slack community in Accra

Ghanaian Slack enthusiasts have officially launched a Ghanaian Slack Community in Accra. Slack is a basically collaborative workspace for communications and managing projects and tasks. Since a lot of offices… READ MORE


MTN Ghana declared as the Fastest Mobile Network in Ghana; See why

MTN Ghana has been named the Fastest Mobile Network in Ghana for the first and second quarters of 2019. The declaration was produced from Ookla’s Speedtest Data. Aside that, the… READ MORE

Bolt (Taxify) extends operations to Kumasi

Ride-hailing service Bolt (formerly known as Taxify) is now extending its services to the second largest city in Ghana — Kumasi. The company rebranded its name in the first quarter of… READ MORE


VLC Media Player on Windows has serious vulnerability; Update Now!

This year, as usual, there have been some reports of vulnerabilities in probably the world’s most popular media player — VLC Media Player. The latest vulnerability seems to affect the… READ MORE


Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Fold smartphone ready for release in September

When Samsung first unveiled its foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, the feeling was this was going to be the company’s best phone yet. But it apparently seemed Samsung was rushing… READ MORE


HUAWEI Prime Y7 2019’s special edition now available in faux leather

HUAWEI Y7 Prime 2019 which was launched earlier, has introduced a SPECIAL EDITION, it comes in a new color with 64GB memory.  Leather is a common raw material used in… READ MORE


Google launches ‘Gallery Go’ app for those without internet

Google, in order to make more people access its apps, has launched Gallery Go, a toned-down version of the Google Photos app. The offline variant Gallery Go was made with… READ MORE


Sasai: A new integrated social payments platform launches for Africa

A new integrated social payments platform, Sasai, has been launched for Africans. This new payments platform was developed by African fintech company, Cassava Fintech International (CFI). The Sasai payments platform… READ MORE


Huawei introduces world’s first 5G DUAL-SIM smartphone, Huawei Mate 20X

A high-speed network connection has become one of the most important demands in modern lifestyle. The need to be always connected plays a huge role and with the growth of… READ MORE


7 advantages of having hybrid solar

All over the world, and particularly in Australia, solar power and other renewable energy sources are gaining traction as an attractive alternative to conventional electricity generation. That makes sense since… READ MORE


7 steps on how to check your steering and suspension DIY

The steering and suspension systems of your automobile are high-wear items. The steering parts are typically held together with soft rubber bushings that will dry rot and deteriorate with age…. READ MORE



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