Privacy is one thing everybody needs to protect. As well, we need to respect other people’s privacy demands. But for corporations, we sometimes give them a bit of our privacy in exchange for personalised adverts and so on. In some cases too, we don’t really assent to their usage of our private stuff, like our smartphone’s locations.

We are given options to choose to disallow big companies from accessing our locations but are those just enough.

An example is the Location History feature on Android smartphones. Turning it off on your Android phone doesn’t really prevent Google from knowing where you go and when. Google will continue to gather data about your locations and when (times you go to whatever places).

Google has discloses in its fine print of the Android terms of use. (Wonder why they always hide such important stuff in those tiny, bulk and boring writings?)

Turning the feature off only warrants that the data does not get added to your monthly Location History no more.

Some location data will definitely be collected someway somehow. An instance is when you use Google Maps.

Prevent Google from saving your location data

Yet still, there is a way to totally prevent Google from collecting data of your locations from your Android device.

Open your Google account.  Open the privacy menu in the account and then select “Activity controls”. From there, you can choose to turn off the “Web & App Activity“.

Now Google won’t save the collection of your location data no.

On your smartphone, you can also go through this procedure with the Google app. Or if you like, with a browser after signing into you Google account.

Still under the privacy menu, you can select “My Activity” to see what data is created when you use Google’s services. You can then delete if you want to.


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