david's disposable camera app

There is this camera app that is very fun to use. David’s Disposable camera app is the app on discovery. What’s so fun about this app? As you might say, is it not just a camera app?

The answer is No! It isn’t the regular third-party camera app we’ve been using. From YouTuber David Dobrik, David’s Disposable camera app can capture photos in the way we are already accustomed to. But the unique thing is, this app doesn’t present or make photos available instantly. And this is the fun we are talking about.

The photos you take with the app will be “processed” and be made available on your phone at 9 AM the next day. Ain’t that something?

david's disposable camera app

Basically, the app mimics how actual disposable cameras work. When using it, the front camera is considered redundant. And if by chance you want to take a selfie, then the best option will be to use the rear camera.  This unique camera app can as well give actual disposable camera-themed filters .

David’s Disposable camera app is currently available for iOS devices only. It is free and ad-supported. You can get it here.


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