When new customers leave your shop, do you know the impressions they leave with? Were they satisfied with your service or they would rather go to the next shop next time?

Online customer reviews have become a very effective way of measuring the level of satisfaction your customers derive from purchasing your product or using your service.

According to Business Queensland, online review sites help you build a closer relationship with your customers. You’re also able to reply to both positive and negative reviews, showing that you have interest in what is being said by your customers.

Also, reviews can give your product or service a leverage with regard to search engine results. Search engines such as Google take into account how many times your business name is mentioned in reviews. Getting mentioned a lot of times gives you some dominance online when it comes to the service you offer. So you are most likely going to appear at the top of the search.

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Therefore, instead of relying on the traditional reviews and the reviews you see on social media or an unreliable online review platform, why don’t you try

Makolapapa is an online review collection site that informs the general public on products and services offered. This enables customers who have experienced a service or the use of a product to share their experiences with potential customers.

Since customer reviews is a very important element in marketing and advertising, signing up to makolapapa isn’t a bad idea at all.

Visit makolapapa to sign up and read the terms and conditions to grow your business with online customer reviews today.

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