Oba of Benin's Palace Travel Guide
Photo Credit: travel.jumia.com

The Royal Palace of the Oba of Benin is a sacred place, so there are rules and regulations that must be adhered to before visiting. This palace is the most prestigious sites in Benin, so all rules are important. See them in our list of

1. Whistling: Do not whistle. They believe it wakes up the dead over there.
2. Pointing: Pointing is punishable. It is an act with deep spiritual for blessing and cursing, so do not point at the Oba or his chiefs at the Palace.
3. Do not use umbrella: When a festival is going on, only the Oba of Benin is allowed to use an umbrella, regardless of the weather.
4. Do not wear black: Anyone rocking a black attire cannot enter the palace since black symbolizes mourning. The Oba cannot see this color, it is a taboo.
5. Carrying palm fruits: The red color should not be seen around the Oba’s palace. So, since palm kernel in its fruit form, is as red as blood, it is a bad omen.


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