For those who don’t know, iOS 13 has been available for a few months now. It came with a lot of fun new features and updates. Below are some of the things you can now do with iOS 13 which otherwise weren’t available prior to its release.

Fun thing you can do in iOS 13

1. Dark mode and light mode

ios 13 dark mode
One of the highlights this year. You can switch to a darker interface from Display & Brightness in the Settings or from the Control Centre. You can also schedule to switch it on automatically.

2. Sign in with Apple

You can now sign in to websites and apps with your Apple ID like how you would with your Facebook or Google account. This feature is privacy-oriented and it is also available on the web apart from iOS devices.

3. Find devices even when they are offline

The new “Find My” app finds both friends and lost (misplaced) devices. Thanks to the encrypted Bluetooth mesh network Apple builds between registered devices, you can use the Find My app to look for your device even if it’s offline.

4. Choose Wi-Fi from Control Centre

In iOS 13, you can choose the Wi-Fi network right from the Control Centre. Thus, you wouldn’t have to go to the Settings to get connected anymore.

5.  Contact profile in iMessage

iOS 13 lets you set up a picture, a first name and last name that represents you as a contact in iMessage. So your friends don’t have to set up your details manually. Head to Settings > Messages > Share Name and Photo.
imessage contact profile

6. More creativity with Memoji

Memoji in iOS 13 comes with some extra options. The caricature can be made to look more like you. You can add makeup, earrings, and even piercings.

7. Free Apple Arcade for a month

When you install iOS 13, you get to enjoy Apple Arcade free for a month. Arcade costs $5 per month.

8. Upgraded Photos app for better video editing

Better navigation, combining search items, improved filter strength, better vibrancy, white balance, and sharpness.  You can also group photos by event.

9. Reduce data use

There is a Low Data Mode for cellular data and Wi-Fi networks in iOS 13. This is to help apps on your iPhone to reduce their network data use. When this feature is on, automatic uploads to your iCloud Photo Library get paused.

10. Add favourites and collections in Apple Maps

Apple Maps in iOS 13 has the ability to set places as favourites. The new collections feature also allows you to make lists of places within Apple Maps, for instance for an upcoming vacation.
There are loads of features in iOS 13, if you haven’t upgraded yet it’s time to do so.

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