Booze! Even the name sounds like music playing in a dark New Orleans bar or a black and white movie where the irresistible leading man has a crooked nose. Booze is more than just ‘drinks. Instead, it’s an attitude and a statement that is never apologetic.
A great drink is the siren call back to the days when people said, “It’s five o’clock somewhere,’ and a beautiful woman asks if you know how to whistle.
From a practical perspective, booze is also the moniker of any cocktail, beer, or wine.
Your friend who loves booze may be onto something, so why not choose one of our 5 fabulous things to gift your booze-loving friend. The best part is that all of these gift options are available in any local liquor store or online.
Happy gifting!

1.  Whiskey is Having a Moment

Whether your pal is a fan of cheap whiskey, something special, or the finest Weller Special Reserve, whiskey is having a moment.
Suppose you’ve been paying attention while watching Netflix, Hulu, or any movie. In that case, you see soft-lit shots in numerous scenes where actors and actresses clink glasses and sip – or guzzle – beautiful, amber-coloured whiskey.
Sales of whiskey are skyrocketing globally, with bourbon alone exploding to more than 150 per cent. American whiskey is now a $1 billion industry around the world, and in the US, it has risen to $2.4 billion domestically.
A gift of whiskey of any kind will be a welcome one for anyone who loves to drink and don’t be surprised if you’re clinking glasses as you watch a movie the next time you visit.

2. The Craft Beer Revolution

The explosion of thousands of new craft beers around the world is still ongoing. Over the past few years, every iteration you can imagine of beer has become as popular as pizza or wings. In the US, there are 7,000 plus craft beer brewers!
From Belgian to the US to German brewers, creative recipes for craft beer are astounding. Beer lovers are crazy about seasonal brews, so why not buy some for your friend?
things to gift your booze-loving friend
From Christmas Ale, toasty all year round, to small-batch Pumpkin craft beer, to festive stout that offers tastes of gingerbread, caramel, chocolate, and toffee, gifting some craft beer is a fantastic idea.
Stouts, porters, and smoked lagers are all the rage now for anyone looking for a toasty chocolate flavor of a stout without the heavy body.

3. Hard Seltzer & Boozy Brew

Sometimes, your friend may love booze and wants to enjoy some day drinking without any heavy-duty percentages of alcohol. Hard seltzer is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to enjoy drinking during the day or at the beach, without the high alcohol content.
IWSR reports hard seltzer just became one-third of all spirits sold, with 2.1 billion cans sold last year.
Makers of hard seltzer now cater to everyone, including women. For a boozy brunch, try some alcohol-infused cold brew coffee. While it wakes you up, you will avoid the jitters of coffee and enjoy some relaxation.
Keep things light with naturally flavored hard seltzer in flavors like cherry, mango, pineapple, or clementine, and many more. These seltzers are available everywhere and even have been popping up at fancy weddings.
Hard Seltzers today are made from natural ingredients, so spring for the best when you treat your buddy to this refreshing booze!

4. Vodka is Always Welcome

Vodka has been a beloved drink for thousands of years, but did you know it was once considered good for stomach issues?
Drinking Vodka is easy since it’s one of those drinks you can easily mix with one of your favorite flavors, celebratory shots, or create a simple over-ice cocktail.
things to gift your booze-loving friend
If you buy Vodka as a gift, you can elevate your present by including some exotic juice such as mango or passion fruit or purchase colorful shot glasses, all available online.
Vodka is one type of alcohol you can count on for an easy-going taste and the ability to blend in well with any flavors you enjoy.
As Mick Jagger famously said, “There’s no absolutes in life – only Vodka.”

5. Mini Bottles of Booze

Who doesn’t have great memories of tasting that forbidden, mini-bottle alcohol in hotel mini-bars? Nowadays, tiny bottles of liquor or cocktails are available in every type of alcohol imaginable.
There are mini-cocktail syrups where you add your alcohol, small-size cocktail kits with everything you need to be a mixologist, or enact a pre-pandemic fantasy where you are travelling worldwide, all expenses paid.
things to gift your booze-loving friend
For exotic, of-the-moment mini-cocktails, head online, where you will find many options. If you want to give small brand-name mini-bottles of booze to your friend, go to your local liquor store. They offer those tiny bottles of every imaginable type of alcohol at the check-out counter.


When it comes to figuring out 5 fabulous things to give your booze-loving friend, our five favorite types of drinks should help you choose that memorable, fun gift. Who knows? You just may be tempted to keep some for yourself!
Always remember to drink responsibly.
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