Humans are known for their curiosity and exploration instincts, and vaping is no exception when it comes to exploring and trying out new things. People try to put in various constituents inside the vape tanks, but you need to remember that everything has its own intended use.
Though there are many substitutes and mix and match therapies that you can try out when you are in your kitchen, the same does not stand true when you use a vaping device. Not everything can go into the interiors of a vape tank.
Read further to know about a few elements that vapers think that they can add to the vape tanks but in reality, they shouldn’t:


This may sound ridiculous, but yes, some vapers do ask questions regarding whether they can vape water? The answer is no! Not at all! The vape tanks cannot be loaded with some quantity of H2O. Next, they ask why water cannot be put inside it.
You need to note that e juices are made using vegetable glycerin, nicotine, flavors, and propylene glycol. These ingredients in a combined form transform into a liquid that further can be transformed into vapors (gas) that can be safely aerosolized.
But this is not the same case with water; when water is let inside the vape tanks, it can change into hot boiling air in the form of steam, which may also result in injuries and burn. And we are pretty sure that you would not like to expose yourself to any such incident which can not only burn your mouth but can also prone you to the risk of catching pneumonia.

Food oils

Since vegetable glycerin is an ingredient of e-juice, people feel that they can also put vegetable oils such as canola, olive, cod liver oil, etc. But this is a wrong misconception that people tend to believe.
Vegetable oils are used to add more flavor and taste to your food, but adding them to the vape tank can be highly disgusting. Food oils are not meant to be heated or inhaled; this would be the last thing to do as a vaper, as it is not meant for vape devices and shouldn’t be inhaled in any way.
Therefore, do not try out random things and click here for vape juices to enjoy a good vaping session.

Essential oils, honey, and similar stuff

Just because the above-mentioned additives look like vegetable oils, it doesn’t mean that you can put them inside the vape tank. When it comes to honey, it may taste finger-licking sweet and delicious, but just imagine the amount of mess it may create when you drain it inside the vape tanks.
And, in no case, it can turn into an aerosol despite how hard you may try to heat it, so don’t ruin honey and let it be reserved for your other usage rather than merely wasting it by letting it inside the vape tank.


We hope that the above article must have surely given you an insight that only e-juice stands to be eligible to take place in the vape tank and nothing else.
So do not fall for any kind of false claims and be wise enough to use the right staples inside vape tanks to ensure long-lasting services and to save it from turning into a disaster.

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