Starting a life together is an exciting new adventure, and it can be fun thinking about spending the rest of your life with your new partner. If you’re a newlywed, you’ve likely already thought about choosing the perfect dream house and making plans for how you’ll live that life, which might include starting a family. That means you’ll need to be prepared for anything that might come your way. From discussing finances and getting life insurance to creating a will and setting boundaries, there are steps you can take to set yourself up for success.
Here are four things newlyweds should do right away.

1. Talk About Finances

Living together as newlyweds mean your finances are undoubtedly going to come up every now and then. Couples often fight about money (which isn’t healthy), and that’s why it can help to discuss your finances as soon as possible. For example, talk about how you’ll file your taxes (jointly or individually) and whether one will claim the other. You should also talk about whether to put all of your money into a joint account together or if each of you should have separate bank accounts. Talk about your financial goals and how you’re both going to work toward achieving them so that you’re both on the same page.

2. Get Renter’s Insurance

Getting renter’s insurance is one thing most newlyweds overlook. If something were to happen, how would you replace your most important possessions? Renter’s insurance is an excellent way to ensure your personal possessions and keepsakes are protected in the event of theft or destruction. If you live in an area where theft is high, renter’s insurance is worth considering. While you can’t put a price on your belongings with sentimental value, you can have peace of mind knowing you can get back at least some of what was taken from you.

3. Discuss Boundaries

If you’ve never lived together prior to marriage, it can help to discuss boundaries each of you have. Do your best to respect your partner’s boundaries so that you can live in a mutually respectful environment. If you’re not sure about how your partner feels about something, don’t be afraid to ask. Let each other know that you’re open to communicating and considering each other’s feelings and desires in the best ways you know-how. Talk about your expectations of each other as early as possible so that you both have an idea of how you want the relationship to be.

4. Create a Will

Just as important as getting life insurance, creating a will or updating yours can ensure things go smoothly when someone passes away. Add your spouse and your children (when you have them) as beneficiaries to your estate. To create your will, you’ll need to create the document, designate an executor, appoint a guardian, name the beneficiaries, designate the assets and then ask your witnesses to sign it. Once it’s signed, store it in a safe place like a safety deposit box or a safe, and make sure your executor knows where it is.

Protecting Your Family and Planning for the Future

Planning the rest of your life together can be fun, but it can also be messy if you don’t plan properly and protect yourself from the inevitable. That’s why it’s essential that you get renter’s insurance, talk about your finances, discuss boundaries and create a will. Once you get all of the tough stuff out of the way, you can go about living your life without worry or fear of the future. You can rest assured knowing you and your family will be protected when an emergency or death occurs.
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