Buying things during heavy traffic is very common in several countries, but not every purchase is wise when your vehicle is unable to move. While soft bread, plantain chips, apple, gala are okay, there are some other products to avoid completely. See things you should never buy in traffic:
1. Phones: There are phone sellers in traffic but the chances of buying something fake is very high. To make matters worse, they are very expensive so it will be a very costly mistake.
2. Wristwatches: According to PulseNG, there are cheap watches in traffic too but is best to stay away from them. If you are in Lagos, you should be familiar with the sellers in Costain or Iyana Ipaja traffic, those guys and ladies will only rip you off.
3. Airtime: Fake recharge cards are very real in traffic. Avoid any clash with the seller when things go south and buy your airtime on your phone via your bank account instead.

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4. Pieces of jewelry: People sell all kinds of things in hold up situations, including pieces of jewelry. You might be tempted to invest in it, but you will most likely be wasting your hard-earned cash on a fake product.
5. Dogs: Surprised? Yes, people sell dogs in traffic too. It is now up to you to avoid these sellers completely because you don’t know the type of disease the dogs are carrying and you’ll have no time to confirm if it is a puppy that will not die anytime soon.
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