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You’ve probably heard of stories about people going to a psychic and their lives changing forever. It can also happen to you, provided you have an open mind and you’re in touch with your spirituality. The most important consideration is to make sure you’re getting a good psychic, as that will make all the difference. Getting a Psychic Advisor can be a bit challenging as there are so many fraudsters that have infiltrated the industry. You can start by asking for recommendations from friends and family before going on the internet. You don’t want to get into a rabbit hole when you can avoid it altogether.

There are some things that a psychic will never tell you. It could be because of a silent oath or they want you to find the information on your own. This is not an issue on whether or not you’re dealing with a competent psychic. Here are some of the things that an experienced psychic will never tell you.

You’re Possessed

This could be one of the reasons why you might be discouraged to visit a psychic in the first place. There is no medium who is experienced in the job that will tell a client they’re possessed. It may sound like a sick joke, the reason why you’re reaching out to the psychic in the first place is so that you can find closure for any unresolved issues. The last thing you’d want to hear is that you’re possessed and only the psychic that has discovered this can remove the smell. In most instances, you will likely be dealing with a con and you will be required to pay some fee so that the “demons” can be removed. Such a person will not only be a bad psychic but a terrible business person.

Your Spouse Wants You Dead and is Cheating on You

If you’ve worked with a psychic before, you’re probably aware that there are no guarantees given the nature of the business. A good psychic can see the warning signs but they’re never that specific. You should be worried if the psychic is very specific with the readings. There is a high chance that you will be dealing with fraud and the readings will not be accurate. There is no way a psychic will know that your spouse is cheating on you or wants you dead.  Such specific details are not always accurate in most cases.

You’ve Been Bad

This will appear to be something out of a badly scripted movie you’ve seen before. “You’ve done a terrible thing and you’ve been bad for a long time.” You’re not likely to believe a psychic who uses these lines and should ask for a refund if you come across such foolery. Anyone can tell you the same thing and you certainly don’t need a psychic for that.


Even if you’ve done bad things, it is not the business of the psychic to judge you. The reason why you’ve gotten in touch is so that you can consult depending on the situation you could be going through at that particular time. There are occasions where the psychic might tell you things that you don’t necessarily agree with but it will be in a subtle tone. Find best list on juneauempire.com

You Have a Terminal Condition

It is not the prerogative of the psychic to diagnose a terminal illness. If the medium tells you that you have cancer and only left with six months to live, go to the doctor and never return to that person ever again. A good psychic can tell if someone in your family is experiencing difficulties with a particular illness but just about it. They will not divulge the details because it is not their business to do so. Usually, the reading will be after the person already knows about the illness.

You Can’t Change Anything

“This is just the way it is, there is nothing you can do about it.”

You did not reach out to the psychic to be discouraged. No one can determine your fate and a psychic reader should be well aware of this fact. You can always make adjustments if you don’t like the way things are moving in your life. A psychic should not tell you that there are some things you can’t change. Their role is just to provide your reading. It is up to you to decide what you’re going to do with the information.  Don’t let the psychic tell you what you can or can’t do.



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