If you are looking for a place to experience fun, Vancouver is the place to visit. Located on the West Coast of British Columbia, the city attracts millions of tourists every year who travel to visit its beautiful attractions, including parks, museums, trails, and beaches.
However, finding the best things to do in Vancouver can be overwhelming, especially if you are visiting the city for the first time. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of things to do in Vancouver to help you choose destinations that will best suit your interests.

Things to Do in Vancouver as a First Time Visitor

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Here is the list of the most impressive things you should do in Vancouver:

1.     Explore the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

This pedestrian bridge is the most spectacular attraction in Lynn Canyon Park. Many tourists visit the park to experience fun from its trails, waterfalls, and swimming holes.

2.     Visit the Stanley Park and Explore its Seawall

seawall and rock wall, with famous Siwash Rock in the sea water, Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
seawall and rock wall, with famous Siwash Rock in the sea water, Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Stanley Park has a lot to offer, including a 10-kilometre seawall around the park. You can also explore totem poles, the Lions Gate Bridge, and the Siwash Rock at the park.

3.     Kayaking and Hiking in Deep Cove

Deep Cove would be the best place to visit if you love surfing and kayaking. You can rent stand-up paddleboards or kayaks if you don’t have any of them and experience much fun.

4.     Explore the Historical Chinatown

Chinatown is home to many speciality cafes, historic sites, grocery stores, and retail stores and shops. One beautiful attraction in this town is the Chinatown Millennium Gate.

5. Explore the Cypress Provincial Park

The Cypress Provincial Park offers much fun, both in winter and summer. You can ski the Cypress Mountain Ski Area during winter and enjoy a walk along the trails during summer.

6. Experience Much Fun in Gastown

Night view of Historic Steam Clock in Gastown Vancouver,British Columbia, Canada
Night view of Historic Steam Clock in Gastown Vancouver,British Columbia, Canada

The Gastown that was once the third-largest city in Canada is home to cocktail lounges, European eateries, classy boutiques, and chic loft apartments. It also has a few galleries.

7. Window-shop in Richmond Night Market

Most Vancouver residents often shop around this market in the evening hours, especially during summer. It hosts more than 100 food stalls and over 200 retail food vendors.

8. Shop around Granville Island

Vancouver Island.
Vancouver Island.

Granville Island is one of Vancouver’s famous places where you can buy organic produce and dine in its thriving restaurants. You’ll also watch sleek yachts sidling up to the dock.

9. Drive on the Sea-to-Sky Highway

It is one of the most fantastic drives in Canada. As you leave Vancouver, drive along this highway to experience much fun. You can also use it to access the Shannon Falls.

10. Visit the Canada Place

Canada Place is the terminal of the Vancouver Cruise Ship. The site’s iconic white sails dominate the city’s skyline, creating beautiful scenery. It is usually busy in the summer.

11. Explore the Museum of Anthropology

You can visit this museum located at the University of British Columbia. The place is rich in history and ancient artefacts, including the ancient aboriginal works.

12. Watch Horses Racing at the Hastings Park

The Hastings Racecourse is an excellent place to spend your afternoon during the sunny days while watching horses race. You’ll also view the spectacular North Shore Mountains.

13. Visit the Lighthouse Park

Located in West Vancouver, the Lighthouse Park has exciting things to offer, including the popular Point Atkinson Lighthouse and the Lighthouse Park Trail.

14. Explore the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

If you are an adventurous traveller, this suspension bridge park is a must-visit place. Its narrow bridge guides tourists along the cliff and above the Capilano River.

15. Swim at the Kitsilano Beach Park

As Vancouver’s most famous beach, the Kitsilano Beach Park, has the longest swimming pool in the country. It’s usually open from May to September every year.

Final Words

Now that you know some of the best places to visit in Vancouver, you can start making reservations. Search for the best hotels and book the most affordable one. Start thinking of how you’ll move around the city, whether you’ll rent a car or use public transportation.

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