4 Ghanaian startups have joined the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation

The African Prize for Engineering Innovation is an award scheme that acknowledges the work of Africans who are helping solve issues through engineering. It is a scheme established by the Royal Academy of Engineering and this year’s list includes 4 Ghanaian startups.

These Ghanaian startups/products are:

  • GrainMate, from Sesi Technologies Ltd., headed by Isaac Sesi. This is a handheld device that helps grain farmers reduce post-harvest losses by making it easier to accurately measure grain moisture content before storage.
  • BACE API, headed by Charlette N’Guessan. This system prevents financial and online identity fraud by using live facial recognition technology to verify identities.
  • Lab and Library on Wheels (by Josephine Godwyll). Encouraging STEM teaching and learning via its mobile, solar-hybrid cart with e-learning resources and other equipment.
  • EcoRide, (Bernice Dapaah). EcoRide makes bicycles from bamboo and recycled parts — mainly by women.

The other startups also shortlisted for the awards are:

  • Aquaprotein — Kenya – an affordable protein supplement for animal feed, made from invasive water hyacinth
  • CATHEL — Malawi – an affordable antibacterial soap made from agricultural waste and other plant-based extracts
  • CIST Ethanol Fuel — Kenya – clean cooking ethanol made from invasive water hyacinth
  • DryMac — South Africa – a containerised drying system that uses burning biomass instead of electricity to dry and preserve crops
  • Eco Water Purifier — Uganda – a digital system that turns bones, cassava peelings, coconut shells and other waste into an activated carbon water filter
  • Farmz2U — Nigeria – tech solutions that help farmers and families prevent food waste and enhance nutrition
  • Garbage In Value Out (GIVO) — Nigeria – automates and digitises the collection, processing, and sale of recyclable materials
  • PapsAI — Uganda – a low-cost digital microscope slide scanner and platform that diagnoses and manages cervical cancer in resource-constrained areas
  • Remot — Uganda – a digital platform that connects to off-grid solar systems to allow users to manage and pay for them remotely
  • Safi Organics — Kenya – a novel process that turns crop waste into a range of affordable organic fertilisers
  • Solar Jiko — Kenya – a heat storage system that allows rural schools to cook food quickly and easily without firewood
  • mals Mini-Grid — Kenya – a solar system that powers communal refrigeration storage spaces in rural Kenya


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