King’s Candy Crush Saga may appear very easy right from the first episode and level but, as most people would attest to, the game is not that easy to play, especially in certain higher levels. Harder levels such as level 147 in the Gingerbread glade episode, level 181 in the Cupcake circus episode, level 350 in the pearly white plains episode, level 410 in the true candy crush guru episode, level 419 of the soda swamp of candy crush saga episode and level 437 in the rainbow runaway episode have proved to be very difficult for even the best players.
But to make such harder levels easier for players, there are several boosters in the game to help out. These boosters are very critical and can help clear jellies at a difficult level, give you special abilities and also provide you with extra moves and lives.
Some of the popular Candy Crush Saga boosters are Color bomb booster, striped and wrapped booster, jelly fish booster, lollipop hammer booster and many more. But what do these boosters mean, and how can they be gained? Let’s find out

The best Candy Crush boosters for you

1. Color bomb booster

The Candy Crush Saga color bomb booster is one of the favorite of many players. This is not just because of its importance but because of the beautiful appearance and its beautiful striking effect. The candy crush saga color bomb booster can be obtained when a player matches five candies in a row, whether horizontally or vertically.
candy crush saga boosters
The color bomb is a special candy and booster and does need to be matched with other candies before it explodes. In other to detonate the bomb, a player must swap the color bomb with another candy on the board. The color bomb will then detonate and clear all candies on board with similar color to the swapped one. In terms of scores too, the candy crush color bomb booster reward a player with 200 points when obtained.

2. Striped Candy

The striped candy booster is also another helpful booster in the candy crush saga game. The booster can be gained by matching four candies in a row or column during game play. They usually have the color of the candy that produced them but with additional white stripes on them, with the stripes being either horizontal or vertical.
Candy Crush saga boosters
What this means is that a horizontal striped candy will clear horizontally, while a vertical striped one will clear vertically. It is also worth noting that vertical striped candies are useful for ingredients levels as they can clear a whole column for an ingredient to drop.

3. Jelly fish booster

Candy Crush boosters
The jelly fish booster is one of the important boosters in jelly fish levels. Unlike the color bomb and the striped boosters which can be gained by matching some number of candies, the jelly fish can be obtained before the beginning of a level or within the game without matching any candies. When the jellyfish is activated, three other jellyfish are summoned to eat three jelly squares at random during game play. It is usually provided in jelly levels to help clear up some jellies and can re-spawn during the game.

4. Coconut wheel

The coconut wheel is very similar to the jelly fish booster in terms of how it is obtained. Just like the jelly fish booster, the coconut wheel booster can be obtained before a game or within a level without necessarily matching any candies. It is usually provided in the ingredients level.
Candy Crush saga boosters
The coconut wheel is usually a pink circle with a black dot in the middle. When activated, the coconut wheel rolls over the next three candies to creates three striped candies and activates them all.

5. Striped and wrapped candy booster

Candy crush saga boosters
This booster is quite different from the striped booster, although they share a common name. The striped and wrapped candy can only be obtained before a game and is provided randomly within a level. The striped and wrapped booster can create a serious explosion horizontally and vertically when placed next to each other.

6. Sweet teeth booster

Candy Crush Saga boosters
The sweet teeth booster helps in chomping down several candies, licorice, chocolate, meringue, and marmalade within a level. The sweet teeth can be very helpful in the blockers level. It can be bought with Facebook credits and used any time during a game.

7. Extra time booster

The 15 seconds extra time booster gets unlocked after level 27 and can be useful in the time limit level. This booster gives you 15 seconds extra time to obtain the required score to complete the level.

How to gain boosters in Candy crush saga

Having known the popular and some of the most useful boosters in Candy Crush Saga, it is essential to also understand how these boosters can be obtained. We will take a look at three of the ways in which Candy crush saga boosters can be obtained.

1. The daily wheel boosters

The Candy Crush booster wheel offers 8 different outcomes–each one positive, and since spinning the wheel is free, there’s no way you can go wrong. Candy Crush gives you a free booster daily through its Daily Booster Wheel.
This can be accessed from the game’s main screen, right below the number of lives. Play the Daily Booster Wheel every day, and get your free boosters.

  • The prizes you can get from turning this wheel are: a Lucky Candy, a Coconut Wheel, a Free Switch, a Lollipop Hammer, a Candy Bomb, a Jellyfish, and a Striped and Wrapped.
  • If you’re very lucky, you can hit the Jackpot, which contains three of each of the rewards

2. Buy boosters before a game

If you’d like to use some boosters and equip them before the game, you can buy them.

  • On the pre-game screen, click or tap the boosters you’d like to use. The price will be displayed.
  • Click or tap the price button, and you will be directed to the in-app purchase function.
  • Be sure you have your credit card handy. Input your payment details when prompted.
  • Prices vary per booster.

3. Buy boosters within a game

If you’d like to use some boosters within the game, you can buy them. On the game screen’s upper-left corner, all available boosters for the level are displayed.

  • Click or tap the boosters you’d like to use. The price will be displayed.
  • Click or tap the price button, and you will be directed to the in-app purchase function.
  • Be sure you have your credit card handy. Input your payment details when prompted.
  • Prices vary per booster.
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