Before the pandemic, we all had our plans for the year 2020. School, work, travel, marriage among others were all feasible until coronavirus shut the whole world down. Till now, we are still observing social distancing and public gatherings banned until further notice. We can no more predict and plan because of fear of the unknown. But is it the end of the world? I’d say, No! Life still goes on until you lose life itself.
Once we are breathing and well, some of our plans are still achievable though not all can work. School, travel, parties, for instance, must be put on hold since the virus is still around and there’s no vaccine yet. We may have to tweak some of our ideas a little and still make the best of 2020.
In the wake of all the turmoil, your wedding can still happen. What is the purpose of marriage? For us Christians, it is to reproduce, reign together and fulfil God’s purpose for marriage. Once we have an understanding of all these, we can go ahead and have our ceremony. A five (5) to ten (10) -member ceremony at the altar is priceless.
It is a MUST, however, to observe social distancing as well as all other WHO-approved measures to prevent contracting the virus. Here are some reasons why you do need to say your ‘I Do’ now than keep postponing till never.
perfect time to say I do

1. Spend Less, Save More

Wedding ceremonies have evolved so much that it has become more guest-centred than couple centred. Couples nowadays worry so much about other lavish weddings and try to do same or outdo their predecessors. It has become a competition which lands most people in lifetime debts. This is the perfect time to have a small congregation wedding without feeling the pressures of competition.
Instead of renting tents and chairs, paying for unnecessary buffets, among others, you can have your traditional marriage with just your immediate family in the comfort of your room, then proceed to your church. Still, with a maximum of ten people, do what is required in the church and become husband and wife without stress.
By so doing, you cut down the cost of paying outrageous amounts to photographers, makeup artists, event planners, dressmakers etc. which would not add anything to your married life after the ceremony. As a young couple starting life, it is always necessary to have something saved up to live on.

2. Quality time with those who matter

Have you ever been to a wedding where after the ceremony, the groom or bride whom you knew calls you back and accuses you of not showing up? Most of these weddings today are filled with people unknown to us; we tend to lose sight of and appreciate the people that matter the most. This is the perfect opportunity to share special time with people that matter the most to us, our parents, best friends and church leads.
With a gathering of this nature, a couple can easily pick up on the wisdom of such people to build a better home for themselves. Another side of this is, the couple can spend quality time with each other after the ceremony since we are not allowed at the moment to hang out with friends or family, spend too much time at work or in town.

3. Reduce idle babbling or depressing comments from society

In our part of the world, no wedding ceremony has been able to escape harsh criticisms from society. We have this popular saying in our local dialect that, ‘whatever you do, people will talk, and so it is better to do what pleases you’.
The fewer, the higher the chances of reducing if not eliminating idle babbling and negative comments of what was expected and what you could not do.

4. Avoid Stress

One undeniable fact about weddings is the stress it comes with. Like it or not, organising an event and trying to make sure it comes out just as planned comes with a lot of work and is stressful. With such a small number of people, most of these things you need to get in other to have a beautiful ceremony come quickly with no stress at all.
Caterers are not going to keep coming back with questions and change in the menu because of huge numbers to cook for; you won’t have to keep thinking of what to do for the extra people who will show up without an invite, how to please a boss or a group from church. No stress or tension from walking down the aisle amid thousands of judgemental people peeping at you. Who doesn’t like a stress free wedding?
It is obvious coronavirus has come to stay. The more reason why we must find our own ways of living through these times and still make the most of it. 2020 has not ended yet; there is always more time to revisit some of your plans and bring them to life.
Most notably, the part where you say ‘I Do’ and share the rest of your life with the one you love. This is the perfect time to do just that due to the reasons above and many others. Say your ‘I Dos’ now and thank me later.
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