Construction and building methods may not be developing as quickly as computer technology, but things are definitely changing as the two industries meet each other halfway. If you think that construction and building haven’t seen a new technique since the discovery of reinforced concrete, you are wrong. Carry on reading to find out the very latest developments in the world of construction technology and innovation.


In 2019 and beyond, automation and robotics will be used to supplement standard safety and efficiency. Drones are already being used to inspect job sites instead of someone having to climb scaffolding to get the same viewpoint. The Skycatch drone is even able to create a 3D model of the site after calculating the site area, earth volumes, and how many staff will be working on the project.
Robotic rovers are being produced that will have the task of reporting on all information pertaining to the on-site activity. They are programmed by computers located at the central office and feedthe data they have collected to a predictive analytics system.

Cost Estimation Software

Estimators have been used in hundreds of different construction, building, and mining jobs. It was their task to mathematically and systematically calculate how much a project would cost, down to the last portable toilet. Having someone sit at a desk to work out costs and expenses for a bid quote or estimate is about to disappear.
Software is available now to help optimize the efficiency of every construction business. It can calculate how much the materials, equipment, and labour will cost accurately. This streamlines the bid process and makes it easier to be exact and quote-ready in the shortest time. Free construction software is available so that a construction business can try out the efficiency of the software on new projects and in their own time.

AI Machines

Construction firms will require more advanced machines to manage all the data that comes arrives in real-time and from predictive analytics. These devices will need to learn at an exponential rate as the information comes in. Artificial intelligent construction machines will need to collate and analyze the data and integrate it into a digital workflow faster than a human can.
One such method of information collation is using AI job site cameras. They will be programmed to spot any safety violations or hazardous areas and alert management to the problem. It is predicted that this kind of on-site overseeing will be able to calculate when supplies of certain materials are running low and automatically re-order more and have them delivered to the site.

Internet of Things

IoT will continue to drive the collection of on-site data. Some of the activities it will be programmed to target are safety management, material strengths and performance, and on-site operational workflow. This will enable the team manager to have a much clearer idea of how much progress is being made on an hour to hour basis.
With these innovations, construction is set to move into the 21st century.

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