Brexit is causing a lot of changes in almost all sections of population and institution in Britain. While a majority of these are still in talks, some look like they are going to be implemented and is something everyone should look out and be prepared for. There are varying timelines for the implementation of a lot of these as well, with some even coming out in 2022.

What are the changes concerning vehicles in the UK?

A giant chunk of the UK population currently having their driver’s licences might have to re-apply for them post the split. Other than that another thing that might be needed is an international drivers licence depending on the areas being driven to. To apply for an international drivers permit, a basic drivers licence is needed. Additionally, getting the right insurance is important since drivers would not be allowed without one, whether for themselves or the vehicle. They should go through the details of the insurance company thoroughly before beginning the drive.

What are the MOT changes taking place in the UK?

The MOT rules have been standard for the longest time and have handled different versions of cars for almost half a century. However, with all the changes taking place whether in technology, in Britain because of Brexit, or otherwise it made sense to have a conversation about revamping the ​MOT rules​.
The categories for the tests have changed allowing people who are applying to know exactly where they stand and why they received that particular rank. People are now given reasons so they can do to change it. The five new categories added to the rating scale are dangerous, major, minor, advisory, and pass. Every section of the car that has been rated receives one of these so owners know exactly what needs to be fixed.
The definitions of these sections are quite self-explanatory, with dangerous and major being problematic enough to get a car to fail the test. These usually mean the vehicle has to be repaired and appear for the test again. If your car falls within the next two sections, it could need some maintenance but it would also be possible for it to clear the MOT test. The last ‘pass’ section implies that it has done everything well thereby receiving the ​MOT certificate​which is valid for a year.
Other than changes in the rating categories, there are also changes in the number of tests involved. Vehicles are now tested for the amount of threading on their tires, and padding on their brakes to make sure they are safe on the road. These could be major issues causing accidents that could be fatal. There are also tests to check the reverse lights and that they are functional. Vehicles are also being tested for the amount of smoke they produce, especially diesel vehicles which are being put through a much tougher scanner to protect the environment and maintain vehicle emissions.

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