Gaming is serious business, and if you’re in the market for purchasing a high-performance game server as a setup when you’re hosting a game tournament among friends, then you need to consider these four factors.

1. The type of game you’ll be hosting

For older game hosting, a cheaper server with a simple hardware setup should be adequate. However, modernistic open-world games will necessitate more memory, storage, and processing power to run the sizeable amounts of resources. The recommended size would be to look at a 16 or 32G of RAM and a rapid quad-core processor.

2. How many players are going to participate in the tournament

The number of players is an essential component when you need to determine the lowest system requirement for the gaming server. The more connections you have on the server, the more information the server needs to process. Therefore, you’ll need more memory and processing power. The type of game will ultimately play a role as well, as it will be indicative of the number of players that can participate. For example, multiplayer online games like word of Warcraft can accommodate hundreds of players on the server. In such a case, you’ll need to budget a larger amount to cater for hardware costs as well. Game Hosting Solutions by ServerMania is the solution to your problem. If you’re aiming to enlarge your player base. They can advise you on the appropriate hardware that needs to be installed to prevent ongoing migrations and upgrades.

3. Operating system

Either Windows or Linux can be utilized for hosting a private gaming platform. Linux, the more well-liked choice has a lesser resource usage and are more cost-effective. There’s no need for licenses since it’s an open-source platform. Linux has the option to include helpful functions to the server like backup systems and debugging tools. Linux is more compatible with certain games as opposed to Windows. Windows is still widely used since the installation process is easy and quick, plus they have online support. But with Windows, you need a license.

4. Lowest system requisites for hosting your game

The resource usage for every game differs, and there is no common minimum hardware requisite. However, some games generally require more storage space, memory, and processing power than others. Open-world games, for example, will necessitate a higher hardware requirement due to their detailed environments. For small level games such as Minecraft which has ten players, the minimum system requisite is low as the game doesn’t need a lot of resources. If there is a sensibly small number of players that is accessing the server, most VPS packages should be able to accommodate the game without any hassle. For modded Minecraft setups that are hosting fifty players, the recommended minimum requirement would be a quad-core processor that is running at a speed of over 2.5Ghz, with 120GB SSD storage and 24GB RAM. Utilising SSDs as opposed to traditional hard drives will supplement performance increase.
These four factors will ultimately give you an idea of the type and size of game server you’ll require to ensure a high-performance setup.

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