In Indian weddings, right after the wedding ceremony, couples immediately shift their attention on hosting a remarkable wedding reception.

The first and the foremost task in the to-do list of hosting a wedding reception is finding a stunning wedding venue.

As a wedding reception is quite an intimate affair, the venue should be selected keeping in mind the guest list size and several other things. However, only a handful of individuals are aware of the key things that one must know when selecting a venue for the wedding reception.

In this post, we have chalked out several factors you must look for in a wedding reception venue.  When choosing the lawns for wedding in Delhi for wedding reception, all you have to do is ask below-mentioned pointers to yourself and the venue owners.

Privacy Factor

Privacy of an event varies from venue to venue. If you are having a wedding reception in some luxurious wedding resort or farmhouse, then you can rest assured about the privacy of your event.

However, if you are hosting the wedding reception in public areas like a local park, be prepared to handle the interruption of strangers. Some of the strangers may hop on to your wedding reception to say Hi or congratulate you. If all these things are okay to you then an open public venue is a cost-effective choice, otherwise go for hotels, resorts, or banquet halls.

Lighting Facility

Whether you admit it or not, lighting plays a paramount role in sprucing up the vibes of an event. Now, the lighting of the venue depends on the time you are hosting the wedding reception.

If you don’t want to spend a dime on lighting, choose a venue to host the wedding reception in the day and the venue must enclose plenty of open windows. However, if your wedding is an evening affair then you have to rope in the right lighting stuff to spill the light in every corner of the venue. In our opinion, you should shortlist a few venues and visit each venue personally to review the location.

If you find the space adorable and detected ample of opportunities to showcase your creativity through lightning, book the wedding venue for the reception right away!

Power Outlets

Electricity cut is an unwanted phenomenon which can occur at any time because of the emergence of sudden critical situations.

To make sure your guests don’t have to face the gloominess after electricity cut, find a wedding reception venue that has plenty of power outlets. A reception venue having ample power outlets ensure the entertainment going on in your party won’t be stopped and you will have an utterly thrilling wedding reception party.

Ensure from the venue owner about the power outlets in the venue and book the venue which has plenty of power outlets.

Ample Parking Space

One of the most strenuous tasks which wedding guests face when they visit any wedding reception is the dearth of parking space.

Make sure the venue you are going to book has ample parking space for your guests. Your guests won’t have to face difficulty in parking their vehicle and they will enter the venue with happy faces.

Moreover, if your chosen venue doesn’t have parking space, you can arrange a shuttle or bus for guests that will pick and drop them at preferred locations. IN that way, you can cope up with the dearth of parking space and save a lot of valuable money.

Great View

Envision the scenario, your guests enter into the venue and they get to see the breathtaking view of mountains or a stunning architecture in front of them.

If your wedding reception venue is surrounded by mesmerizing landscapes, it will be a cherry on the cake for your event.

Bookmark the best pointers and don’t forget to share them in your circle!


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