As a lawyer, it’s important to go out and get clients if you want to make money. Years ago, lawyers relied on networking as well as word of mouth marketing. Then, we started seeing ads for lawyers on benches and billboards. Day time television also started airing ads for lawyers. Of course, television ads and billboards cost a lot of money. Luckily, in the digital age, there are more options than ever. 

Lawyers are now using the internet to get customers with a process called search engine optimization (SEO). Essentially, lawyers establish an online presence with a website and social media. However, you have to use these tools correctly to increase your standing in search engines like Google. Here are some tips to enhance SEO for law firms and lawyers. 

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1. Create an effective website

Every lawyer has a website. What makes one website better than the others? Well, an effective website is unique, runs quickly, appeals to your audience, and provides information in a way that makes it easy to find.

There are a number of sites that allow you to create your own website. Many of these sites use templates to help you create the website. When you use these templates, your website will similar to other websites. Instead, hire a website developer to create a beautiful and unique site from scratch. The unique site will help you stand out from your competition.

When someone does go to your site, you need to make sure that it loads quickly. If it doesn’t load quickly, the potential customer will likely go to another lawyer’s website. Things like unnecessary videos and graphics can make your site run more slowly. Talk to your website developer to clarify that you want to prioritize speed. 

Next, your website needs to appeal to your audience and portray the image you want to project into the world. The words on the page can help as well as colors and font. You also want to appeal to your audience on any platform. Many people will look at websites on their phones and tablets. Make sure your site is just as effective on those devices as on a computer. 

Finally, once your website loads, you want to make information easily accessible. Put the most important information, like contact information, easily visible on the main page. Next, use easy to read links to other information. Make the information as clear as possible. 

2. Hire a professional

Some of us simply aren’t great at computers. If you don’t think you can manage your online presence effectively on your own, hire a professional to help. You can hire people to manage your social media and post regular content for you to help you develop an appropriate strategy for SEO. After a couple of weeks, you will start to notice a higher placement in search engines. You’ll also notice more clients!

3. Post original content regularly

People will go to your site if you entertain them or provide them with useful information. Therefore, you should post a blog or vlog. Make sure topics relate to the services you offer. Don’t be afraid to incorporate humor into your content. The more entertaining you are, the more likely people will want to read it. Of course, keep things appropriate. Be sure to post regularly to keep yourself relevant. Also, post a link to your social media accounts to reach as many people as ever. You may even go viral! 

4. Utilize keywords

Consider the different things people might google when looking up your services. Some options include “divorce lawyer in Chicago” or “criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville”. After you select the keywords that best apply to you, ensure that you incorporate these keywords into your content, including the main page. You can use a number of different keyword phrases. Whatever you do, don’t saturate your text with keywords. If you do, it may look like spam to the search engine algorithms and have a negative effect on your search results. 

5. Create an intriguing meta description

Meta descriptions are the description of the website that appear in the search engine results. This is how many people will first be introduced to your site. You need to hook them right away. Be clear and use keywords in your meta description. 

6. Utilize social media

Utilize social media

People are now connected together from anywhere on social media. Social media is free. Also, most people look at social media every single day. It gives them something to do while on their commute to work or waiting at the dentist’s waiting room. Use social media to your advantage. 

First, you’re going to need to encourage people to add you on their social media account. You can do this by offering exclusive social media deals to encourage people to be your friend. Once they are your friends, your posts will show up on their feed. 

You want to post on social media a couple of times a week to remain relevant without flooding people with unnecessary information. Be as entertaining or useful as possible to encourage people to look out for your posts. Some people may even share your posts if they are entertaining enough. 

7. Interact with clients

You need to interact with your customers when they reach out to you. Provide an email address that you check regularly. Do your best to get back to people in one business day. If you wait too long, you may lose the business. 

Social media is another great way for people to interact with you. People may respond to your posts with a comment. Be sure to acknowledge the comments and reply. Always be respectful. Don’t be afraid to be funny, though. 

Finally, reviews are a great way to help people learn about your business while giving you the opportunity to talk to customers. Allow reviews on as many platforms as possible. Use positive reviews to your advantage by putting them on your website. Negative reviews are a great opportunity to correct a negative experience and rebuild a relationship. 

SEO is one of the most inexpensive and effective methods of marketing available to lawyers today. When done correctly, you will see more people contacting you about your services. Soon, you will have a full workload. You may even get to become more selective. Start working on your SEO strategy today.

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