guard against mobile money fraud

Mobile money fraudsters keep adapting to the system changes but there are some rules to follow so you don’t fall prey to the people.

Follow these rules and you are safe.

Guarding against mobile money fraud

  1. Never disclose your PIN to anyone.
  2. Never approve any transaction you have not initiated.
  3. Call 100if you want to crosscheck or verify any information.
  4. Do not entertain any calls from people who claim to be working for any telecom operator and are calling in a process that requires your PIN.
  5. MTN Ghana’s official number is 0244300000. Call 100to verify.
  6. Vodafone Ghana’s official number is 0505555111or call 100 to verify.
  7. AirtelTigo Ghana’s official numbers are 0307000000or 0277881096. Call 100 to verify.
  8. Glo Mobile Ghana’s official numbers: 0230010100 and 0230010200. Call 100 for verification.
  9. Report any mobile money fraud incident to the service provider.


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